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Gaming Laptops – When To Buy Them

Gaming Laptops – When To Buy Them

Gaming laptops are very popular nowadays. Many people prefer gaming laptops from gaming desktops because they give them more freedom, as they don’t force them to stay at home like gaming desktops.

In this article I will tell you my thoughts about gaming laptops and why should you prefer them over gaming desktops.

Price for Value

Everyone knows that gaming laptops cost more than gaming desktops even if they have the same hardware. The reason for this is that it’s harder to make the hardware small enough to fit a laptop.

Most of the time gaming laptops cost at least 500$ more than a gaming desktop with the same specifications, so from a price perspective getting a gaming laptop isn’t the smarter move.

Of course, how much of a deterrent the price is, depends on the person because for some people money really isn’t an issue, and they can spend over 2000$ for a gaming rig without even thinking twice about it.


This time gaming laptops beat gaming desktops without breaking a sweat.

Gaming laptops can go anywhere and they don’t need a constant connection with a power source, compared to a gaming desktop, which can’t go anywhere.

Being able to play games anywhere you want is a huge benefit and can give a lot of incentive for someone to buy a gaming laptop. A lot of people want to be able to play games with their friends next to them. Communicating with voice chat just isn’t the same as playing with your friend right next to you. It makes gaming a lot more fun and it becomes a social activity.

People that often move from place to place should really think about buying a gaming laptop more seriously.


Gaming desktops win here too. They outperform gaming laptops for many reasons.

Firstly, making coolers smaller isn’t good for the CPUs and GPUs. CPUs and GPUs run hot when playing a game and cramping them into a small place like a gaming laptop increases the temperature even more and that leads to lower performance compared to a gaming desktop where there is a lot more space and the coolers are bigger and more efficient.

That doesn’t mean that gaming laptops are necessarily bad. They just aren’t as good as a gaming desktop.

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Gaming laptops win once more. In the performance section, I talked about gaming laptops and their disadvantages on performance because they have to cramp everything into a small space.

This is also advantageous because it helps in limiting the amount of space a gaming rig needs. Gaming laptops take very little space and can be moved from place to place without much trouble.

Gaming desktops on the other hand are hard to move because they need a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse to function, so moving them is a lot of trouble.


Gaming desktops snatch the win again. Being able to change anything you want in your gaming rig is a huge benefit.

You can upgrade a GPU or CPU without having to buy a completely new gaming system. Also, you can add more RAM and/or ROM if you need to, because as games evolve, they demand a better RAM to run the game and a larger ROM(to store the game files).

Gaming laptops on the other hand don’t have that customizability. Maybe you could add a slightly better RAM, but you can’t hope for much more than that. That means that they will become obsolete much faster than a gaming desktop.

Buying a gaming laptop is like buying a gaming console. You get a gaming system that can’t be upgraded and in about 4-5 years you will need to buy a new gaming system in order to keep up with the specifications that new games need as they evolve.

Final Thoughts

In the end, both gaming laptops and gaming desktops have their advantages and disadvantages and it usually boils down to personal preference.

Personally, I prefer a gaming desktop, but, if I could afford it, I would buy a gaming laptop too. If I had to choose one of the two, then I would choose a gaming desktop, just because I want higher graphics and performance in general, and I personally think it’s more important than portability or utility.

Someone else may think that sacrificing a little performance is worth it in exchange for utility and portability since he will be able to play with his friends in the same house and carry his gaming laptop anywhere he goes.

Someone else might think that customizability is the most important thing and prefer gaming desktops because of that.

Anyway, I believe I dragged this long enough. I hope I helped you decide what’s best for you, gaming laptop or gaming desktop. Let me know in the comments below what is your personal opinion. Whatever you decide, I wish you happy gaming!

I hope my article helped you decide between a laptop and a desktop. I want you to tell me in the comments below what do you prefer, laptop or desktop. See ya in the next article.

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I like your post on gaming computers, personally I prefer the laptop as I have to travel a lot but completely understand about the desktop advantages, I also prefer using a bigger screen wehm gaming so maybe I need to move to a desktop for when I’m home.