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Wizard of Legend PC Review

Wizard of Legend PC Review

When playing games, what excites me the most is anything element related. Most games fail to implement elements correctly and you wind up with characters that control 2 or 3 of the elements.

I personally always wanted to play a game where you feel like the Avatar (from the masterpiece series Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra) and with Wizard of Legend, you do just that.

This review will per usual have a storyline, gameplay, graphics & SFX and finally, personal thoughts section. Without further ado:


You begin as a simple visitor in the museum of …… where after a small tutorial tour where you learn the basic controls and storyline elements, a portal opens up and takes you to the past, at the time where the Chaos Trials were held.

Any wizard who beat the Chaos Trials will be crowned Wizard of Legend and that is your ultimate goal.


The game is a classic dungeon crawler game (the newer generation ones). Unlike most of them, however, you do have a basic setup that you choose before you enter which is entire of your own making instead of beginning with the same types of attacks every game and progressing through the dungeon. There is however progression, or else it wouldn’t be considered a dungeon crawler game. 

Inside the dungeon, by defeating monsters and bosses you gain gold and chaos gems. Gold is the in-dungeon currency used to buy arcana (the arcana are the objects which allow you to channel each spell) and relics (relics are passive items) from the shopkeepers in each floor.

Those spells and items are temporary and are lost when you leave the chaos trials. Chaos gems are the out of game currency, used to permanently unlock spells and relics for future use when entering the dungeon.

Wizard of Legend PC Review
Here is a simple air arcana combo. Notice how the earth type enemies are weak to them.

The arcana are divided into 5 elements, water (and ice), fire, electric, air, and earth (and poison).

Each spell has a variant in all 5 elements but there are some that are unique to each element.

Each element has loosely their own playstyle too, but you can combine anything successfully if you find it fits you. As is the case with those kinds of games, each element is strong against one and weak against another in a perfect cycle of fire -> air -> earth -> electric -> water -> fire.

There is also a secret sixth element, chaos, which is unlocked upon beating the chaos trials for the first time. Chaos arcana are generally stronger due to their rarity.

Arcana are further divided into 4 subcategories: basic, dash, regular, and signature. You will pick one of each prior entering the dungeon.

Inside the dungeon, you may find or buy more regular arcana. Each arcana has an upgraded version. More analytically:

  • Basic Arcana are your basic attack. They have no cooldown and are your go-to arcana for most situations.
  • Dash Arcana are your movement spells. Defaulting with space, generally, dashes have no cooldown so you can dash all you want, but the dash arcana effect (like leaving behind traps or an ice clone) will (almost) always have a cooldown.
  • Regular Arcana is your basic un-upgraded spell. Pretty simple, it has its effect (which you should know since you chose it) and you use it whenever you deem necessary and is off cooldown.
  • Signature Arcana is your combo maker and your most powerful spell. You might notice that it’s an upgraded version of a regular arcana (and that is true, every signature arcana can be used as a regular spell if one wishes), but there is a catch. There is a meter that fills as you hit monsters with your other arcana. Once that meter is full your signature arcana goes automatically off cooldown and can be used for a bonus effect that is usually 3 times as strong as the original. The signature arcana cannot be replaced nor changed while inside the Chaos Trials. They are also unlocked differently from the other arcana, by defeating a stage boss.

You will also choose two more things before entering, your staring relic and your cloak.

Relics, as stated, are passive items, and cloaks, besides making you look stylish, also give you (or take away) some stats.

Depending on the cloak, you might have a bonus effect (like being able to heal out of combat).

There are also other changes you can make before entering through the various NPCs but I’m only gonna focus on the two most prominent.

The first is the cursed relic shop. Cursed relics are relics that give you a powerful effect and a big disadvantage, and you cannot get rid of them unless you die.

The cured relic shop has a random choice between three, and there is no inventory which means that you buy it only once, and if you want to use it again you will have to wait for it to reappear in the shop. You can also find cursed relics inside the dungeon.

The second is practically the hard mode. After beating the chaos trials for the first time you can make the game harder.

Normally, the game has scaling difficulty, as you move forward, the harder it gets.

However in the hard mode, every enemy and boss is as hard as it would be if you were on the final stage.

The game is split into 3 (+1) stages each with 3 sub-stages for a total of 10 levels. Each stage (except the last) has a main element, and its final boss on its final substage is the master of that element. The first two sub-stages contain two mini-bosses that unrelated to any element.

The game also has a co-op mode, but that requires 2 controllers or one controller and one keyboard, sadly, you cannot play online or even LAN. In co-op, every player has his own build, but share gold, which makes the game more tactical. When one player dies, he can be revived when the other player defeated enough monsters.

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The game’s graphics are plain 2D looking graphics which is as it should for a dungeon crawler. That is not to say however that is doesn’t look good, the arcana animation is amazing and when comboing, you really do feel like the Avatar.

One thing I have to note is the level of detail that went inside each dungeon, each one is very fitting with its respective element.

Personal Thoughts

Wizard of Legend PC Review
The possibilities are endless!

Wizard of Legend is a dungeon crawler that is definitely worth its money. It has an active community and developer team that introduces new features and arcana very frequently. It also fulfills your fantasy of controlling the elements. It is very versatile and every build has potential.

I suggest you wait for it to go on sale to buy it, and I’m sure you’ll like it.

Final Verdict

Storyline: 6.0

Gameplay: 8.5

Visuals: 8.0

General Rating: 7.5

That’s it for my review. Have you tried this game? Do you have any questions? What is your favorite build? Just leave a comment below.

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