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Brawlhalla Review

Brawlhalla Review

Brawlhalla is a relatively popular fighting game officially released in 2017. Having a lot of similarities to hit series Smash Bros in terms of gameplay, Brawlhalla is outright awesome to play if you’re looking for something competitive.

This review will have a storyline, gameplay, visuals and personal thoughts section. Without further ado:


Brawlhalla doesn’t have a continuous storyline that is constantly updated like most other games. The premise is simple.

Brawlhalla is the place where the greatest of warriors go after they die (although some don’t have to be dead to get there).

There, they solve the eternal dispute of who is the greatest warrior among them.

Every character has his own lore, which is practically their history before they died.

The whole system is pretty good, easy to keep track of, without making every character feel like a boring puppet with different appearance and weapons.


As I mentioned, the gameplay is pretty similar to Smash Bros.

Essentially, you pick your character and fight in various arenas. Your goal is to make every enemy lose all their lives.

You lose a life when you are knocked off the arena.

The more a player gets damaged, the more susceptible he is to being knocked back. In other words, the more damage you’ve taken, the easier it is for your opponent to knock you out with a single attack.

You can see the amount of damage you’ve taken from the color around your character’s icon.

The color becomes from white to gradually red, and from there black.

There is also a timer, which makes the player with the most lives win by the end of it. Usually, the timer is not needed to resolve matches, it’s just there for the really close matches.

The game has many different characters, with a new one being added every 2.5 months or so.

Every character utilizes 2 weapons out of the total pool, and no character has the same combination.

In addition, every character has 3 signature moves for each of their 2 weapons, making them all completely unique in terms of playstyle.

The weapons themselves define playstyle. Some or better for close combat, others for ranged combat, and some are better for traveling.

There are 2 kinds of attacks you can do; light attacks, which are faster and weaker, and heavy attacks, which are the opposite and require a charge time.

You can also dodge the opponent’s attacks, and that is a very difficult mechanic to master as there are different types of dodging and you must also learn when to dodge.

All characters also have some stats. The stats are :

  • Strength, which is the amount of damage you do with your attacks. The more strength you have, the easier it is to knock your opponent out quickly. Each legend’s signature move is unaffected by strength as they have their own values.
  • Dexterity, or attack speed. This helps you attack faster, while also reducing charge rate for heavy attacks. As with strength, dexterity doesn’t affect cooldown between signatures, but it does help when you use another attack after a signature. It also doesn’t help with doge times and cooldowns.
  • Defense, which is the opposite of strength. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Speed, or, how fast you can move.

You can slightly modify each character’s stats by using stances. In essence, they allow you to move a stat point from 1 stat to another.

There are many different arenas. Every arena has some drops. Besides weapon drops, various other things can drop, which can be used in combat.

Every character can fight without a weapon. They can also throw their weapon to their opponent as a last-ditch effort of a long-ranged attack, or before switching weapons.

The controls are very simple to grasp as well.

Now for the game modes.

The game has 5 different game modes and a bonus rotating mode every week.

The first mode is Free-for-all. 4 players fight in a free-for-all, point collecting match. You can collect points by knocking other players out.

The second is 1v1 Strikeout. Here, each player chooses 3 characters and plays each one once until they lose a life.

The Experimental 1v1 allows players to try out changes and new heroes before their official release.

There is also the rotating game mode which changes every week.

These are all the casual game modes. The game also has 2 competitive game modes.

The 1v1 Competitive and the 2v2 Competitive. They are pretty self-explanatory.

Each competitive game mode has a professional scene with tournaments hosted by the game’s creators, and sizeable prize pools.

Lastly, the game has 8 legends available for free every week. You can purchase them permanently by using in-game currency, or, you can unlock every legend, and every future legend by buying a special deal.

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The game has very good visuals. Everything seems fluid, and the colors are vibrant so you can always tell what’s happening.

Every character has some skins available for purchase, as well as some weapon skins, allowing for further customization.

Many characters have skins from other series or games like Adventure Time, or Steven Universe.

The game is playable on most PCs, even those with bad specs. However, you might experience frame problems if your specs are too bad.

Personal Thoughts

The game is pretty fun and is a great getaway if you’re looking for something competitive without relying on a team.

However, it doesn’t share the massive player base or competitive scene of other popular games, so don’t expect too much fame and recognition if you achieve something in this game.

Final Verdict

Storyline: 6.0

Gameplay: 8.5

Visuals: 7.5

General Rating: 7.3

That’s it for my review. Do you play Brawlhalla? Who is your favorite character? If you have anything to add, leave a comment down below.

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