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A classic vs a new wonder. Two different worlds, same genre. This comparison will help you choose just a bit easier which of these awesome JRPGs is for you.

We will compare the games in their respective storylines, gameplay elements, and visuals. There will also be a final thoughts section highlighting the differences. Without further ado:


Being JRPGs, I think this is where you should be focusing.

Chrono Trigger is about trying to save the world and all timelines from an eternal evil existing in the prehistoric era. You travel in the same world at different points of time, past, present, and future.

Octopath Traveler is about each character living his own story. Throughout your travels you meet the other characters and do their stories as well.

At first glance, Chrono Trigger seems more deep and convoluted. It certainly seems so bit Octopath Traveler is also quite deep. It’s just that Chrono Trigger is a whole story from start to finish, while Octopath Traveler is more episodic. I will say though that in Octopath Traveler, it is revealed in the end that all the stories had a common enemy pulling the string from behind and giving you a “final” story.

On the other hand, once you finish Chrono Trigger once, not only do you get some extra story and a “final” boss, but you can play the game (keeping your stats and equipment) to unlock many different endings depending on when you beat the final boss (which is available through the most part of the game).


The gameplay has a lot of similarities.

In both games you have parties, you fight monsters and enemies, you grind experience and learn new skills as you fight etc. The core JRPG experience.

You travel on the continent, go into towns, buy and sell equipment.

Of course, they’re not the same game. That’s the point of this comparison.

For starters. Octopath Traveler has side quests. To do them you also have to use another unique thing• the profession actions. Chrono Trigger doesn’t have any professions. You could argue if course that every character is it’s own class as not all characters can deal lots of damage or heal.

Another key difference is weaknesses. Octopath Traveler’s enemies have guards and weaknesses. By striking them with the right element or weapon you break one point of their guard. Break it and they get stunned for a turn and become more vulnerable to damage. Chrono Trigger has weaknesses also, but it’s just more damage.

Chrono Trigger has a fun gimmick too. In battle, the more you play as a combination of characters, you will eventually learn some combo moves that 2 or all 3 can pull. Each combination of characters has their own unique combos.


I won’t stay too much here. I’m just going to say that Octopath Traveler has a clear advantage here. Being newer, its graphics are absolutely stunning. Chrono Trigger doesn’t look it’s age (before 2000s) but it doesn’t hold a candle to Octopath in this regard.

Of course, their basis is pixel art graphics as they are JRPGs, but the environment graphics is where Octopath really shines. Battle effects too. Though Chrono Trigger’s pixel spells and effects are quite nostalgic.

Final Thoughts

Both games are masterpieces in their genre. I certainly recommend both.

But you are probably here because you want one.

If you want a more classic, old-school experience and cohesive story, go with Chrono Trigger (and take Octopath when you’re finished).

If you want something newer, fresher, with more polished mechanics, and episodic nature, go with Octopath Traveler (and take Chrono Trigger when you’re finished).

If you want to have a banger soundtrack that you’ll be listening long after you’ve finished the game, flip a coin because both games do that.

If you made it this far let’s talk about one final difference. One that may actually shape your opinion; price.

Chrono Trigger is pretty accessible in that regard while Octopath is pretty pricey. It certainly is important in the comparison and I have to say that Octopath is certainly on the high end. Do get it on a sale.

That’s it for my comparison. Have you played both games? If so, which do you prefer? You can tell me your opinions below.

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