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Teamfight Tactics Review

Teamfight Tactics Review

With over a month of its release by the time this article is posted, TFT generally had as big of a reception as expected, if not bigger. Now that the dust has settled, and ranked play has been released (and I playtested it to my heart’s content), I can write my review with better judgment.

As always, there will be a storyline, gameplay, graphics & SFX, and finally, a personal thoughts section. There is already an article explaining TFT in general but it isn’t a review. You can check it out here. Without further ado:


There is no actual storyline for this game, so practically it’s the same as League’s storyline as the same champions are used. You can check on League’s storyline on my review.


Again, most of the gameplay (if not all) is covered on my previous article about TFT. But, this is a review, so I’ll give you the basics.

TFT is a strategy game. Your aim is to buy the right champions in order to form the best comp. There is also the matter of how you position them so they can optimally use their abilities.

Every champion has 1 class and 1 (or very rarely 2) origins. You can combine a number of those classes and origins of different champions (the number is dependent on the class/origin itself) to gain a huge bonus that buffs up the champions sharing that class/origin. Sometimes, the buff may help the whole team.

It’s your goal to find the best possible synergies and utilize them. But it isn’t as simple as choosing your favorite comp (or the most OP if you are a meta slut), as the shop has generally random champion drops, so you will have to learn to Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

The number of champions you can have is dependent on your level, but you also have a bench for keeping champions you might need later or some duplicates.

And I know what you’re thinking. The answer is no, duplicate champions don’t count toward the bonuses but you need them for something else.

And it’s not even as simple as finding the perfect champions for your comp. You must upgrade them too!

By finding 3 copies of the same champion you upgrade him to a silver version which is much stronger, combine 3 silvers (or a total of 9) and you get the super-duper gold version that kicks ass.

Just be careful as your bench only has 9 spots, and you will need to keep many champions that you might either need later on or are just waiting for an upgrade.

The game is separated with rounds. the first 3 rounds are PvE and it’s nigh impossible to lose unless you’re trying to.

Afterward, you fight with a random player every time, with the loser taking damage depending on how many champion the opponent has alive.

The objective is to be the last player alive, but the winners (from a ranked perspective) are the top 4 players from a total of 8 players.

Every 4 rounds, you will have a shared draft phase, where each player, starting with the last, choose a champion with an item from a pool of 12 champions and removing that champion from that pool. 2 rounds after the shared draft phase, there is another PvE round.

PvE rounds are useful for their drops. Generally, the monsters you kill will drop an item, gold, or even a high tier champion.

The items give your champions base stats (except the spatula…) and you can combine 2 of them to make a combined item which gives you both of its component’s stats plus a bonus effect. Rarely, you will get a whole item instead of 3 components.

Every champion can have up to 3 combined items. Items are very important, as sometimes you will want to shape your team around the items you find instead of the champions.

Also, some comps are extremely item reliant, and specific items, not just any items, so you’re gonna have to pray to get what you want some times.

Lastly, there is also the economy part of the game.

Generally, by playing the game you win gold (and not much change if you’re losing or winning, as long as you’re streaking). That gold is used to buy champions or experience, or reroll your shop to find the missing key component. But alas, it’s still not that simple.

You can actually go ham with your gold, or you can save up and get some interest, basically 10% of your gold for up to +5 from 50 gold.

So everything you do is very important because even when you are in the first place if you have no economy, even the last can eventually catch up and topple you.

You might have noticed the word luck (or any synonym or phrase that indicates RNG in general) in most of my paragraphs.

Many think that this game is heavily luck-based, but I beg to differ. Even though luck is an important factor, you don’t need it at all to get top 4 if you’re good.

Unless you’re playing with 7 equally good players and they are all luckier, so I guess… tough luck? But jokes aside, the RNG isn’t game breakingly deciding, and Riot will probably reduce it more if it affects gameplay.

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Again, the same as League’s plus Little Legends. Little Legends are your avatar, and there are plenty to choose from, but you’re gonna have to pay to get some of the better ones (Rito pls).

Now something else, but that is for the ones who already played League before and had a dedicated account. If you didn’t just skip to the Personal Thoughts section.

Still here? So, Riot has most champions on their base skins, but some champions might have another skin. And you also don’t get a choice to flex showcase your wallet rich skin collection.

Why is that? It’s due to their origins. Riot wants new players to be able to understand a champion’s origin by just a glance, so most origins are color-coded after their element.

Personal Thoughts

TFT definitely deserves its praise, and there certainly is a reason for being so loved and popular.

The feeling of sitting relaxed while playing, without the need to be careful about the minimap, a gang, or anything fast-paced related, is unparalleled.

The fact that you don’t have a useless team to drag you is the frosting on the cake and the cherry on top.

Final Verdict

Storyline: –

Gameplay: 8.0

Visuals: 7.0

General rating: 7.5

Do you play TFT. What is your rank? Do you prefer it more than League and other MOBAs in general? Write to me so in the comments.

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