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  • Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
    Hi guys! Today I will teach you how to use a mouse and keyboard to play games on Cemu. It probably won’t work on all games, but one game that it will surely work on is BotW. This process is tested and if you follow every step to the letter, I guarantee you that it […]
  • Sifu PC Review
    Hi guys! Today I will talk about Nioh 2. As always, the review will have four parts, firstly I will talk about the storyline, then about the gameplay, afterward, I will talk about the visuals and finally, I will tell you my personal thoughts and give you a rating for the game from 0-10 (10 […]
  • Slay the Spire vs Dicey Dungeons – The Definitive Comparison
    It may seem that comparing the 2 yields an obvious winner but that is simply not true. Slay the Spire and Dicey Dungeons have both their merits and their flaws. Let’s see what the games offer and (hopefully) help you make a decision. This comparison will compare the games in their storyline, gameplay, and visuals. […]
  • CHRONO TRIGGER vs OCTOPATH TRAVELER – The Definitive Comparison
    A classic vs a new wonder. Two different worlds, same genre. This comparison will help you choose just a bit easier which of these awesome JRPGs is for you. We will compare the games in their respective storylines, gameplay elements, and visuals. There will also be a final thoughts section highlighting the differences. Without further […]
    Octopath Traveler, developed by Square Enix is a JRPG of recent times. It generally has what you’d expect from a JRPG, and we’re here today to see if it’s worth it both for fans of the genre and for players who haven’t played any JRPGs yet, or any RPGs for that matter. This review will […]