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3 League of Legends Problems

3 League of Legends Problems

Before I begin this article, I would like to say that everything here is my personal opinion and I believe every single word I say. I will not sugarcoat anything. If someone feels that this offends him then I can’t do anything about that.

The Players

League of Legends has one of the worst communities in gaming and there is a good reason for it. The game makes people toxic with how it is structured. It forces players in a team with 4 strangers, some of them being trolls and you are stuck with them for at least 15 minutes.

If someone goes afk then too bad for you. You will lose not only 15 minutes of your time or 20 since 4 people agreeing to surrender is rare so early even with afk on the team but you will also lose LP and your MMR will drop.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am ok with losing to a better team and I won’t consider this a waste of time since you can learn something from that kind of loss, but losing a 4vs5 game with afk or losing a game with someone on your team trolling serves no purpose and gives no value to you.

You just get stomped and there is nothing you can do about it. Riot doesn’t care about this and has done nothing to solve this problem. On the contrary, it punishes people with bans when they talk bad to people that want to waste their time and the trolls get 0 punishment except if they do this every single game.

As long as Riot doesn’t do something to fix this the players will keep being toxic.

Champion Updates

This is another problem for me. Champion Updates are bad most of the time and some times they are so bad that Riot reverts them all together. Visual Updates are good and should happen, but Gameplay Updates are a real problem.

Gameplay Updates change a champion so much sometimes that it plays nothing like before. Some of my favorite champions got Gameplay Updates and I rarely play them now because they don’t feel or play the same.

For me, Gameplay Updates should have a minimal impact on how the champion plays, because if you change the thing that people picked the champion for then it’s not the same champion anymore, and the only thing that remains the same is the name.

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The Punishment System

The League of Legends Punishment System sucks. First of all, it’s automated meaning that if you just get many reports you will get punished automatically even if you didn’t say something bad enough to deserve punishment.

Second, when you try to make a ticket to explain the situation Riot, you feel like they don’t care at all about what happened they will just say it’s your fault and behave better next time. I actually have a story about this.

In my first Ranked game this season I had a Nunu in my team that went jungle and had no smite when the game started. At this point, I should mention that when someone goes jungle the game automatically switches one summoner spell to smite so for someone that went jungle to not have Smite they have to manually change Smite to another spell.

I played Kassadin in the midlane at that game. When the game started Nunu decided to come to my lane to farm without asking me. I told him many times to leave my lane since Nunu is literally the only champion in the game that can farm in jungle without any problem even with no Smite since he has an ability that works even better than Smite and can help him survive in jungle with no problem.

Nunu didn’t care about what I had to say and continue to steal my farm in the lane for the duration of the laning phase. I had Kassadin, a champion that needs to farm and needs to level as fast as possible to be useful in a game and having someone stalling that process is devastating.

At some point, I got so frustrated about this that I said some minor insults to him. Here is my chat:

StunyG: no duo
StunyG: I am late game
StunyG: we lost
StunyG: I cant scale
StunyG: scale
StunyG: scale
StunyG: you are nunu
StunyG: go jungle
StunyG: doesn’t matter
StunyG: we lose 2 lanes now
StunyG: go afk
StunyG: you destroy my lane
StunyG: can’t play like this
StunyG: I am tilted
StunyG: with that nunu
StunyG: leave
StunyG: now
StunyG: reported
StunyG: pls report nunu
StunyG: I won’t help you
StunyG: typical first ranked troll in my team fuc**** my lane
StunyG: do jungle
StunyG: jungle
StunyG: you are NUNU
StunyG: OMG
StunyG: you have an ability that is basically smite
StunyG: go farm
StunyG: jungle
StunyG: let me scale
StunyG: yeah have someone distracting you in lane
StunyG: and play good
StunyG: then
StunyG: is this bronze
StunyG: I play a super late game champ
StunyG: and I cant farm
StunyG: go JUNGLE
StunyG: OMG
StunyG: GO
StunyG: you are level 7 for gods sake
StunyG: go jungle
StunyG: and farm
StunyG: doest matter
StunyG: you still get exp
StunyG: and gold
StunyG: yes fuc* my lane
StunyG: and then talk
StunyG: are you really so stupid that you don’t get that I need to farm
StunyG: to be useful
StunyG: draven focuses support
StunyG: you are reported
StunyG: troll
StunyG: you fuc*** my lane to oblivion
StunyG: both reported
StunyG: toxic
StunyG: you don’t have smite
StunyG: smart guys
StunyG: hahaah top carried him
StunyG: and he talks
StunyG: 3/5/8
StunyG: lol
StunyG: thank draven and top nunu
StunyG: you cant back door them
StunyG: wait 5vs5

For this I got 20 games chat restriction. I barely said any words that can be considered verbal abuse to Nunu which he completely deserved and still got chat restriction. This was the final nail in the coffin for me. A few weeks after that I gave up on League of Legends because I had enough of this.

I have to say I actually feel better now that I finally left this frustrating situation where you are powerless when someone decides to ruin your day.

For me, there shouldn’t be a punishment for verbal abuse since you can hear worse things in the street than in the game. I completely agree to punishment for racial insults but to get a ban for saying the F word is a joke. If someone doesn’t like the way you talk to them they can always mute you.

That’s it for my article guys, I hope you liked it. I said things that I thought about for a long time now and finally got around writing an article about them. This was my opinion and you can agree or disagree with what I wrote above.

I will never compromise my writing ethic to be more loved by the audience. I will always write the truth and my 100% honest opinion for the things I write about. See ya in the next article.

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