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Destiny 2 vs Division 2 – The Definitive Comparison

Destiny 2 vs Division 2

Hi guys! Today I will talk about Destiny 2 and Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2. I will do a comparison between them and I will let you be the judge of which game is better. First I will talk about the storyline of those 2 games, then I will talk about the difference or similarities in their gameplay, and lastly, I will compare the visuals and tell you my final thoughts. Now let’s begin.


Both games have solid and interesting stories. Division 2 has a more realistic story since it’s based on reality and Destiny 2 has a more sci-fi story with aliens and futuristic space battles. For me, it comes down to personal taste here since both stories are good and which is better solely depends on what you prefer a more realistic story or a sci-fi story.

So the storyline comparison is a draw.


Destiny 2 is an FPS game while Division 2 is a Third-Person Shooter. Both games require you to play tactical and cooperate with your team to win.

Destiny 2 has a lot more weapons for you to choose from which gives more variety to the gameplay. Personally, with Division 2 I didn’t find a lot of variety in the weapons department. Many weapons felt similar.

Now I guess the reason for this may be that Destiny 2 since it’s a sci-fi game it has more freedom to make a lot of different kinds of weapons and they don’t need to be realistic while The Division 2 has to make weapons that are close to reality.

I don’t know if that’s the reason that Destiny 2 has more variety but this is my best guess.

Another thing that Destiny 2 offers more than Division 2 is the sheer amount of content. Destiny 2 offers the first 2 years of content completely for free while you have to pay to get The Division 2 and it has less content than Destiny 2 New Light which again it’s completely free.

Some will say that Destiny 2 was released 2 years earlier than Division 2 and that is the reason why it has more content than the Division 2. It is true but this is a comparison between 2 games as they are right now and Destiny 2 offers more content and that’s undeniable.

Next, let’s compare the difficulty of both games. I believe both games have around the same level of difficulty and offer a great challenge to the players.

As for the enemies, Destiny 2 offers again more variety. It has more types of enemies and that happens because it is around for more time and it has already many expansions.

Lastly, let’s talk about PvP. I believe that here the winner is Destiny 2. Don’t get me wrong Destiny 2 PvP is far from perfect but it’s more balanced than Division 2 PvP. It also has more PvP modes than Division 2.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend getting any of these games for the PvP because they will never be truly balanced in that department since they are both RPG. If you want any of these games then do that for the PvE.

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Both games have amazing graphics. Division 2 has somewhat better graphics since it was released 2 years after Destiny 2 but Destiny offers more beautiful and unique locations for you to visit. In Division 2 you are trapped in a city so you will mainly see city buildings and that’s as far as it goes.

So even if Division 2 has a little better graphics it can’t take advantage of that due to the premise of the game.

Moreover, Destiny 2 offers a lot more customization options than Division 2. Destiny 2 has more color options for your gear and you can access them more easily than in Division 2.

Having more options to change your appearance is a crucial part in RPG cause the reason you play them is to make your own character and everyone wants to look cool so more options mean more chances for you to find something you like.

Final Thoughts

I think I pointed out the differences between both games and the positives and negatives that both games have. You may believe that I try to make Destiny 2 look better but what I say is my honest opinion. I started from Division 1 then went to Division 2 and lastly, I played Destiny 2.

If you read my review of those games you will see that I don’t play favorites. Personally I rarely play FPS games cause I don’t like the first-person point of view. That’s why it took me a lot of time to try Destiny 2 and I didn’t believe that I will like it so much.

I didn’t play as much Division 2 as Destiny 2. Mainly because I felt what I saw at Division 2 I had seen before and it didn’t have something to pick my interest.

I started playing Destiny 2 last week and in a week I had played more than 60 hours. It was so intriguing and the best thing about it is that all of it was free. I haven’t gotten the expansion yet.

I paid 35 euro to get Division 2 and it truly wasn’t worth it for me. I thought I would love it since I loved the previous game which I played for over 110 hours but it wasn’t the case.

Destiny 2 just offers more for far less. One more thing to consider is the player base since you need people to play in games like these and you also need a clan. Division 2 is a game that is dying while Destiny 2 has one of the biggest player bases on Steam. It’s in the top 10. It also costs 0 dollars to play the New Light version of the game which offers the first 2 years of content for free.

That’s it for my article guys. I hope you liked it. What game do you think is better and why? Write down your opinion in the comments below. See ya in the next article.

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I loved both games. I dont have a preference between 1st and 3rd player
so thats a toss up. As far as the long haul… Division 2 just doesnt have the content. Destiny 2 wins hands down in that arena. There needs to be way more done to Division 2 to bring me back. I am totally invested in Destiny 2 at the moment and other friends have left Division as well and we have all paid for the expansions and are enjoying the game.