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Among Us Review

Among Us Review

Yet another game that became popular within the 2020 pandemic, Among Us was actually released 2 years prior than that.

It became so popular, that the creators were actually considering making a sequel, but decided on focusing on the original game instead.

Among Us is what’s called a social deduction game. There are many tabletop and digital games of the small genre. A prominent one is called Town of Salem.

It’s praised as being fun albeit exhausting.

Is it worth all the praise though?

As usual, this review will have a Storyline, Gameplay, Visuals and finally, a Personal Thoughts sections. Without further ado:


There is no storyline. I mean, there is a spaceship and there is an impostor trying to kill the crew that’s maintaining it, but that’s not a storyline, that’s more of a setting.


The gameplay is heavily socially dependent. Meaning it’s a game where you have to communicate with your fellow players.

The gist is that there is a number of players between 4-10. Depending on the amount there is 1 or 2 impostors. The rest are Crewmates.

The Crewmates have some tasks to finish while the Impostors must kill and outnumber the Crewmates.

The main mechanic is the meeting. When conditions are met, a meeting is called, and players discuss who to out by voting. Crewmates must decide who is an Impostor, and Impostors must trick Crewmates to out each other. You can also not vote, something wise when earlier in the game as to not risk outing a Crewmate (if you’re one of course).

When you throw someone out, his role is revealed.

You can call an Emergency Meeting by pressing the button in the main room, whether you’re a Crewmate or Impostor.

A meeting may be held if someone reports a dead body. Again, both Crewmates and Impostors can do that.

Impostors may want to start a meeting for mind games or to take blame off them, or any reason that may pass from someone’s devious brain.

Now for more in-depth analysis of the roles.

Let’s start with the Impostors. You can kill simply by approaching someone and pressing the kill button. But there is a cooldown to this.

If you kill someone with a witness watching, you will lose, because when the meeting is called, they’ll probably talk.

They’ll blame you with what they saw, and you can blame them back, but here’s the deal. Due to the number of Crewmates, even if you convince them to throw him, when they see his role, they are gonna target you next.

Every level also has a different form of surveillance, so you have to be careful where you kill and when.

Impostors can also pass through shortcuts in each level, but again, should they be noticed, they will be called out.

I mentioned before that Crewmates have tasks to do. Impostors have “fake” tasks just for existing as an alibi or something. You can go to the task rooms and sabotage the ship. You can sabotage lights to create confusion, disable the surveillance or even close the oxygen tanks.

The last option must be dealt with or else the Crewmates die automatically.

Impostors also have increased vision even in darkness.

Finally, Impostors know each other.

Now for the Crewmates.

Your objective is either to kick out all the Impostors, or all the Crewmates finish all their tasks.

The tasks are minigame-esque and take some time to fully complete. If you die from an Impostor, you can carry on with the tasks as a ghost, but you can’t talk or vote during meetings. You can still win even if you die.

You can also check surveillance. That’s about it actually.

As I said, the game is based on the ability of the Impostor to trick others and be sneaky in general.

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The visuals are nothing special. It’s not the selling point anyway.

That said, there is some customization for your characters, but that costs money for the most part.

Personal Thoughts

Among Us is definitely fun. The only problem (if you can call it that) is that it’s most fun when you play with people you know, as games with strangers tend to be chaotic.

It’s surely fun to play with your group of friends or at a party, and a great time killer as well.

All in all, I don’t know if it’s worth buying on Steam, but it’s a must on every gamer’s mobile.

Final Verdict

Storyline: –

Gameplay: 9.0

Visuals: 7.0

Personal Score: 8.0/10

Have you played Among Us yet? Do you like being an Impostor or do you prefer to be a Crewmate. Have you played dozens of games like me where literally none of them you were an Impostor? Leave a comment below.

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