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Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method

Hi guys! Today I will teach you how to use a mouse and keyboard to play games on Cemu. It probably won’t work on all games, but one game that it will surely work on is BotW. This process is tested and if you follow every step to the letter, I guarantee you that it will work out. This is the 200th article on this site so I decided to make this article since the article with the old method is the most popular article on the website.

If for some reason you can’t make it work with this method no matter what you try, then you can always check the old method:

Before I start, I would like to thank memethyl (the person who made Mouse2Joystick and the original setup guide on github) for the tips and fixes he provided.

What you will need:

Besides Cemu, you will need to download two files. The websites are safe and the files don’t contain any viruses.

Here are the links:

The first link is a short description of the things I am about to show you. I followed that guide to setup my Cemu but since it didn’t mention key bindings it took some time to make everything work so I made this guide to make the setup as detailed and easy as possible. I recommend you read that guide one time because it contains some important warnings that I don’t think are necessary to repeat here.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
The first link has a guide to setup Cemu.

The first thing you need to install is ViGEmBus.

The second link has information on ViGemBus and ways to fix various problems so I recommend reading it if any problem arises.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
The second link has information on ViGemBus.

The third link has the ViGEmBus installer.

Download ViGEmBus_1.18.367_x64_x86.exe I show in the image below and install ViGEmBus, you don’t need to change anything in the installation options, just click Next and Install. In the future, there may be newer versions of the program, only install the version that says Latest on the top, NOT PRE-RELEASE.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
The third link has the ViGEmBus installer.

To check if everything is installed correctly search Device Manager on the Windows search bar and then open it. On the top click on View->Devices by Connection.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
This is the image you will see after you click View->Devices by Connection.

Look for entries with names like Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus or Nefarius Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus.

If more than one entry appears you might have multiple versions of ViGEmBus installed which may cause conflicts. Follow the full clean section, it’s part of the second link I showed you.

If there is only one entry then you can continue.

Right-Click on Nefarius Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus then click on Properties. Click on the Driver tab and you should see something like the image below.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Image of Nefarious Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus Properties

If you see something like this then ViGEmBus is installed correctly.

Next, you have to go to the fourth link.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method

The fourth link has the

You have to download this zip and extract it. You don’t have to download the version that is shown in the image, as time passes new versions will come out so download the latest version.

After you downloaded and extracted the zip go to the extracted folder and open Mouse2Joystick.exe AS ADMIN, always open it as administrator (it might work correctly even if you run it without administrator privileges but depending on the version of windows 10 or 11 there might be some bugs and running it as admin may fix them).

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Image of Mouse2Joystick.exe

Copy my settings as you them in the image.

Next open Cemu.

Click on Options->Input settings

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Image of Input settings window.

Click on the – Icon till there are no controllers.

In the Emulated controller option choose Wii U Gamepad.

Before continuing make sure you have opened Mouse2Joystick.exe AS ADMIN.

Now click on the + Icon which is next to the – Icon.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Image of the window that appears after you click + Icon and the settings you have to select THE FIRST TIME.

Copy my settings as you see them. If you don’t see a Controller 1 option it means that you haven’t opened Mouse2Joystick, so make sure you open it AS ADMIN.

After you copy my settings click Add, then click the + Icon again.

Now copy the settings of the image below.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Image of the window that appears after you click + Icon and the settings you have to select THE SECOND TIME.

After you copy the settings click Add.

Below is the window you will see after you click Add.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Notice that the Controller that is selected is Keyboard[Keyboard]

As you can see all the key bindings are greyed out. To change the key bindings click on each greyed box and press the key you want to assign it to. Before you click anything check the image below and copy my Key Bindings since they work perfectly and it took me some time to set it up.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Make sure your Keyboard[Keyboard] key bindings look the same as mine in this image.

If you change the controller to Controller 1[XInput] by clicking Keyboard[Keyboard] and then choosing Controller 1[XInput] you will see the image below.

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Make sure your settings look the same in Controller 1[XInput], you won’t have to change anything here since you copied the keyboard settings before from me.

Don’t mess with the settings in Controller 1[XInput], if you do, you have to press – Icon again till all the controllers are clear and then create them again with the + Icon. Y and ZR as you can see aren’t greyed in Controller 1[XInput] that’s because we have already set them in Mouse2Joystick.exe

Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Y is binded to the Left Mouse Button and RZ to the Right Mouse Button.
If you want to change the keybindings only change the Keyboard[Keyboard] keybindings don’t mess with Controller[XInput].

You MUST UNCHECK DISABLE MOUSE CLICKS because without it being enabled, Left-Click won’t work correctly. Also, I recommend unchecking Hide Cursor and Lock Cursor when you play games. When you uncheck something it enables it.

Now we are basically done. Two more recommendations, to change the sensitivity edit X Resistance and Y Resistance values on the Mouse2Joystick window. Also if you play BotW change the Camera sensitivity in-game to Very Fast.

  • Disable Mouse Clicks: Blocks all mouse clicks in Cemu’s window. Use this to keep the mouse from “touching” the virtual GamePad.
  • Hide Mouse: Hides the cursor while Cemu is the foreground window.
  • Lock Mouse: Forces the cursor to stay in the middle of the screen while Cemu is the foreground window.
Cemu with Mouse and Keyboard – New Method
Notice Disable Mouse Clicks, Hide Cursor and Lock Cursor are unchecked, which means they are active.  Copy my settings as you see them.

Finally, you MUST open Mouse2Joystick.exe AS Admin AFTER you have already opened the game because with Disable Mouse Clicks being active you won’t be able to interact with Cemu at all.

Some games might require gyroscope/motion controls. For those games watch this video:

I also recommend you to watch Cemu Complete Setup Guide:

This was the guide. Thanks for reading it, and I hope that all went well without problems. If you have faced any problems or have any questions feel free to comment below and ask.

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Daniel F

I’m 100% sure I have the exact right settings, and I double checked and didn’t change anything at all when in the input area, everything works, except for my left mouse button, I cannot attack, it’s not binder to anything but my mouse, idk why it’s not working


The camera just automatically moves in one direction, I can’t control it properly. I’ve set the app to always run as admin so that’s not a problem. I’ve restarted multiple times and it fixes nothing.


i’m having an issue, i did everything that was said the post, but somehow i can’t attack w/ sword using the left mouse? it only attack when i press ‘X’ on the keyboard


The latest version of cemu has no – and + icons, and apart from the ABC keys and x and y rotation, I couldn’t find any other keys that you used.


I’ve watched so many videos but non of them worked. I’m using cemu 2 and whatever latest version of any other programs at this time, and it works!!! Thank you so much for this post!! Also, I’ve never held a handheld console before so I love the full guide for keybinding.


Hello, it is the first guide that works for me to play with keyboard and mouse. But not quite. The mouse doesn’t work inside the game, only when I use it outside the Cemu window, that is, when I use it in another window or program, but it doesn’t work in the Cemu window.


Hello thanks a lot for this guide.
I did everything like you showed.
I launch the game in fullscreen, then I press ESC or Windows key to launch M2J, which has the same parameters as you
Then I cannot bring CEMU back to fullscreen. do you have a solution?
Also, X & Y resistance is ” 1 ” and camera sensitivity “very fast” in game, yet it feels too slow to move the camera….


Hi, I’m having a weird issue: the camera barely moves when I flick my mouse at fast speed, but otherwise – all good. I followed this method a few months ago and I didn’t have this issue, I changed my pc in the meantime but it shouldn’t have affected it.

Everything else works just fine, but why would the camera move slow when I move my mouse fast??


For some reason when ever I try to attack with left mouse click it doesn’t work and my weapon also doesn’t pull out


Any idea how to use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously? Can only use either of the two based on the active window/app.