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Why Are Video Games Fun

Why Are Video Games Fun

Hey guys! Today I will walk about why video games are fun. If you clicked this article, then you probably play games, but have you ever wondered why you like games. I thought of why I like playing games and I wrote the reasons why videos games are fun for me.

1. Immersion

When you play a video game you immerse yourself in that game’s story and world. You become the character you are playing, and most of the time you make decisions with that character and based on those decisions you will get a different ending to the story.

Feeling that your decisions matter is something that most people love in gaming. In games, you either play as a character that exists in that world or you create your own character, choosing his looks, his gender, and much more. Both types of immersion are good for different reasons.

If you play as an already existing character, it’s like you are watching a movie, there is a branching storyline, and every decision can affect the final outcome.

If you play as a character you created, then you feel like the character is an extension of yourself. Both types of games have their audiences and I personally like both.

2. Community

A game doesn’t have to be multiplayer to have a community of people talking about it. Playing a game and then discussing it in places like Discord or Reddit (or the games’ very own forums) is fun because you meet new people that share your interests and interact with them.

You talk about something you both like, learn from each other’s experiences in the game and become better players together. Having someone to help you when you are stuck and don’t know what to do in a game is nice and makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Multiplayer games are even better in that regard. In multiplayer games you don’t only chat with people, you play with them. You go on missions together and fight other players together. Playing a game with other people and making friends like this is another way a game can be fun.

Fighting AI bosses are hard and all, but there are limits to what an AI can do, its moves are limited and once you play against it enough times you learn his moves and eventually beat it. On the other hand, playing against human players can be even harder, depending on the person you are playing against.

Humans don’t have a limited set of moves they can do, nor are as predictable. They adapt and become better or change their strategy if they see it doesn’t work against an opponent.

Chatting about a game with other people and playing with them can be truly amazing if you find the right people. I found some guys to play within a game and we had a blast.

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3. Variety

As you can see in another article on our site (click here if you are interested), there are many game genres. If you get bored playing action games, then you can play some strategy games, if you are bored playing alone, then pick up a multiplayer game, if you want to create your own character, then play an MMORPG.

Having so many genres of games to choose from means that you will never be bored when playing games. Not only are there many genres to choose from, but there are many games in each genre too. We live in the golden age of gaming.

Most people nowadays play games in their free time. There are thousands of games to play, so you will never run out of games you can play; the only limit is the money you must spend.

4. Culture

There are many games whose stories take place in the past and in different countries and eras. I don’t say that games are historically accurate but playing those games gives you a taste of what living in that period felt like.

Games, like movies, are a medium to tell stories and many developers create games that are based on historical events. Learning about what it felt like to live in a certain era by playing a game is way more fun and interactive than reading it in a book, at least for me it is.

 5. Competitiveness

There are games like CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft II and Call of Duty, among others, which are highly competitive. These games are considered among the most popular multiplayer games, and competitiveness is the reason why. Most players want to test their skills against other players and find out how good they are compared to them.

These games and many more have ranking systems that put players in divisions based on their skill level. Playing those games can become very fun and addictive, because you, like most people, like winning, and being the best in a game is a goal that many gamers share.

Games like the ones I mentioned before have a clear way to show how good you are and climbing the ladder is a goal that makes those games rewarding and fun.

Those were my reasons on why video games are fun. I hope you liked my article. If there are any reasons you like video games not on this list, then write them in the comments below. Also, write what are your favorite games and why. Thanks for reading the article, see ya at the next one.

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