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Best Low Graphics PC Games

Best Low Graphics PC Games

I’m sure there are many of you that don’t quite have their ideal version if a gaming system, and so, you are stuck with a below-average PC / Laptop. But the gamer inside you is boiling and seeks some decent games to play, even through bad specs. Fortunately, this guide has you covered and will give you the best games to play on a bad gaming system.

1. League of Legends / DotA 2

While I’ve talked about these two MOBAs in my previous article, they can also be a great getaway for anyone with a decent-to-bad gaming system. They also offer competitiveness in its most prime; both games are among the best in terms of their e-sports.

The choice between the two is simple, on its core, League is more casual and popular, and easier to pick up, but DotA 2 better rewards skill and has much better prize pools. They are also both completely free-to-play. A detailed analysis can be seen here.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft can pretty much be played on any… “gaming” system with more than one core. And it’s very amusing too. Essentially, it’s a pixel art sandbox game with a gigantic world you can explore and do pretty much anything you want.

I will not delve to the gameplay details any longer, there’s too much to explain for a list. Minecraft also has a multiplayer mode, but only if you get the paid version. A constantly updated version of the single-player launcher can easily be found online for free.

Minecraft’s original price is about 30€. There is also the Windows 10 Edition (aka The Bedrock Edition) which is just as expensive. It was originally created for mobile devices so some of the features you can find on the original Java Edition can’t be found here, but you can connect and play multiplayer with other Xbox players. Java and Bedrock Edition can’t cross-play with each other.

3. Crusader Kings II

A constantly updated, relatively new grand strategy game usually comes with equally fresh graphics, that is not the case however for Crusader Kings II. The game takes a new spin for the genre by introducing Houses.

You start as the head of your own House, and with a title of varying power (count, duke, emperor, etc.), and along with controlling your military powers, you live your life like a normal person; you age, you get married, etc. Your purpose besides conquering all is to make sure your house survives. That is, you always have a valid family heir to take things when you die.

There are many other things you can do, but again I’m not analyzing every detail. The bad thing is its price, but with features like this, it is to be expected.

4. Portal 1 & 2

The Portal Series are single-player puzzle games, with an amazing story to boot. You try to solve various puzzles by utilizing a portal gun, a gun that lets you shoot two portals which you can go through the one and out the other and vice versa.

You must think creatively for this, as most puzzles require planning and thinking about concepts such as gravity and acceleration. The game has excellent ratings, and is definitely a must, even if you don’t have a bad gaming system.

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5. Undertale

Undertale is really a special game. One of the best games there are, and a feat quite difficult for a pixel art game with simple controls. However, the game will captivate you with its story and branching storyline. Not much more to say, Undertale is a game about the feelings, and another game you should play regardless of PC.

6. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

A game of the newer generation of Roguelikes, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (TBoI:R) features Isaac, the titular character, trying to escape the basement of his house (and other hazardous places) to avoid being sacrificed by his mother.

The game is not trying to pass a religious message, even though it has a heavy religious tone. As you play, you collect items that help you with your quest by making you stronger. The game has many unlockables and secrets and is worth your time if you’re interested in roguelikes in general.

7. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a dungeon crawler / card game that also features some randomness ala D&D. You pick a character, and you try to climb the Spire through your choices on a map. You can fight enemies to enhance your deck or yourself, go to events, which can be favorable and unfavorable, and rest or upgrade your cards. What you do depends on the path you take.

8. CS:GO

CS:GO is another one of those competitive games that you can play on a low-end PC or laptop. One of the most popular shooter games, and highly competitive, CS:GO definitely earns its spot on this list. The game is not too complicated, and I recommend it for all you shooter fans.

CS:GO is another one of those competitive games that you can play on a low-end PC or laptop. One of the most popular shooter games, and highly competitive, CS:GO definitely earns its spot on this list. The game is not too complicated, and I recommend it for all you shooter fans.


Hearthstone is one of the most popular card games, and its the best online card game. Like most card games, it’s free to play, but you can pay to advance faster.

The gameplay is simple to pick up, but there are many tactics and strategies to utilize.

Another positive is that Hearthstone is based on the Warcraft universe, so you can have fun playing your favorite hero, despite the small selection of heroes.

That was the list guys, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any other recommendations, do say so in the comments.

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