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Minecraft Review

Minecraft Review

Minecraft is the kind of game that is the king of its respective genre. A simple game at first look, its massive success forced Microsoft to buy it and take charge. It also spawned many clone games trying to take some of its glamour. Minecraft, however, remains at the top, and it will stay there for a long time.

This review will help you understand why Minecraft is so successful, and why you should play it if you haven’t already. As usual, this review will be split into storyline, gameplay, visuals, and personal thoughts. Without further ado:


Minecraft has no storyline, except some random dialog between two beings that pops up when you… finish the game. But I wouldn’t consider that as a story. Other than that, you are a person who spawns in a world and tries to survive.

Then again, there are many lore tidbits lying around the overworld, but that’s just the first of the many fun things in Minecraft. The speculation.


Minecraft is all about its gameplay. The basics are that you can do anything. The only limit is your imagination, life is your creation. Before I dig in deeper unless I state otherwise, I’ll be talking about single-player There are three game modes (four if you have multiplayer): survival, creative, hardcore, and the multiplayer mode of spectator.

Survival is Minecraft’s classic game mode. You spawn in a randomly generated world, with no items. Your purpose is to survive, but even if you die, it doesn’t really matter, as you respawn to your original location. Generally, there are steps that you can follow, but the beauty of survival is the distractions.

The general guideline is that you find materials to build tools, then you build a house as a safe haven for the night. Afterward, you dig deep to find rarer minerals in order to mine obsidian, which is the hardest material. Using it, you build a portal to the Nether (or hell…) where you explore until you find a Nether Fortress.

There you kill the mobs called blazes and collect their rods. Combining them with ender pearls found from Endermen in the Overworld or Nether, and you get Ender Eyes. These will lead you to a stronghold.

You then place 12 Ender Eyes on the portal. Jump in the portal to teleport to the End. There, you will find the main boss, the Ender Dragon. Beating him will give you the ending I mentioned.

Other than that, there are harder bosses and more stuff to do, and you can do them in any order, it doesn’t matter.

While it doesn’t sound like such a “do whatever you want” game, I mentioned distractions. That means that on any of the aforementioned steps you and will be sidetracked. You might want to find a village and start trading, or improve your house and expand it. Or, as I already said, literally anything you want.

Creative mode releases you of the burden of survival. You are invulnerable to damage, and enemy mobs don’t chase you. You also have every possible item available, and mining takes no time at all. Now you might be wondering “why would I play a mode in a survival sandbox game that dismisses survival completely?” Two reasons actually.

Firstly, you might just want to build anything out of your imagination. That will require lots of resources, and Creative mode gives you an infinite amount. There are many people who made absolutely amazing things and settings. Some created whole replicas of actual cities and countries. Again, only your imagination is the limit.

The second reason is Minecraft’s special blocks. Minecraft utilizes its own energy-producing ore called Redstone. With it, you can power up various blocks with different uses each. There are pistons that push blocks. Or note blocks that play a specific note. Lots of people have created various contraptions, including a fully functional 64-bit computer. Others have recreated their favorite songs using the note blocks. Limit = Imagination.

Minecraft Review
Here is one small example of what you can design.

Hardcore, as the name implies, is the harder version of survival. The only practical difference is that you only have one life. Once you die, it’s game over. I don’t see a reason for someone to play hardcore unless they really wanna challenge themselves.

Finally, spectator is a multiplayer-only mode that enables you to watch as other players play. All of the aforementioned game modes can be used for multiplayer servers.

As you can see, Minecraft definitely gives you the freedom to do what you want and the way you do it. Furthermore, you can use mods, which add more things to do, more stuff to mine, more mobs to find, and many other things.

You can create your very own mod as well. Mods are supported by the game. Just be careful when using one, as it can mess your previous save files, so be sure to back them up.

Its SFX is unique and renowned among gamers. Everyone knows the sound Creepers make before they explode. Or the sound of an angry Enderman. And certainly, everyone is spooked when they hear a Ghast.

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Minecraft has simple 2D Pixel Art Graphics. They are also based on blocks, which is Minecraft’s unit of measurement. While that may not be fancy, it certainly is a reason for its appeal. Its pixel art graphics serve older gamers with nostalgia.

Of course, if you don’t like it, there are thousands of resource packs created by players and supported by the game that changes the appearance of the game. Some of them make the game look stunningly realistic. All you need is a guide.

Overall, the blocky graphics and whacky sound effects won’t be much of a bother, on the contrary, you might find yourself being used to them.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft absolutely deserves all of its praise. Its simplistic nature, the fact that you can do anything, and really everything about this game make it great. To further add to its bonuses, Minecraft has a working team of developers bringing more updates to keep the game fresh.

Even if you are bored waiting, there are a plethora of mods for you to try. The game doesn’t force you to stay either, you can just stop playing for a year, and when you return even more stuff will be waiting for you!

There are lots of other smaller great stuff about this game that shows how much the developers care about it, like in the language settings, there is an option for “Pirate” language, which replaces every item’s name with its pirate slang counterpart.

Minecraft is one of the best games in the world and it deserves it, you can spend infinite time on Minecraft, and you will still want more.

Final Verdict

Storyline: –

Gameplay: 9.8

Visuals: 5.0

(It should be noted that the visuals can go up to 10 with the right resource packs. 5.0 is the very least.)

General Rating: 7.4

That’s it for my review. Do you have anything to add? Do you have any questions? Did you enjoy it? Either way, just leave me a comment and I will answer as soon as I can.

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