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Tom Clancy’s The Division PC Review

Tom Clancy's The Division PC Review

Hi guys! Today I will talk about one of my favorite games: The Division. The game had a lot of issues at first but after years of patches and fixes it turned out to be an amazing game.

As always, the review will have four parts, firstly I will talk about the storyline, then about the gameplay, afterward, I will talk about the visuals and finally, I will tell you my personal thoughts and give you a rating for the game from 0-10 (10 being the best).

Tom Clancy's The Division PC Review


The story of the game is good though it isn’t a game that you should pick because it has a good story because it feels like the developers didn’t want to focus as much on the story. Maybe it isn’t so much their fault since each player creates his own character.

I guess they didn’t find a good way to express your character’s personality because your character never speaks in the entire game and it feels like you are an emotionless machine that only does the tasks they want you to do and nothing more, but enough of the story, let’s talk about gameplay.


The Division is a third-person multiplayer RPG tactical shooter game and there aren’t many of those games nowadays. In The Division you create your own character which is a member of a secret government organization whose job in the game is to suppress the threats in Manhattan and find out what caused the virus outbreak.

Many people had a problem at first because the enemies feel like bullet sponges, so they reduced the amount of time it takes to kill an enemy, but at the end of the day it’s an RPG, if the enemies died with 3 bullets it wouldn’t be an RPG, so you need to decide if the game is for you or not.

The game has a variety of guns, abilities, and gear for you to choose, there are many builds. You can play the game either solo or co-op up to 4 players. The missions become a lot easier when you play co-op but they still give you a challenge.

The game has PVP modes, survival mode, and a horde mode where you fight waves of enemies. There is a lot of content in the game, but it still is a looter game where you play the same missions repeatedly to find better gear and that isn’t for everyone.

There is also the Dark Zone which is a PVP environment where you free-roam an area to find loot that you have to extract but at any moment another player that is in the area can go Rogue and attack you to steal your loot.

The Dark Zone is something that you will either love or hate. The first rule of the Dark Zone is that you don’t trust anyone in the Dark Zone, the second rule of the Dark Zone is to remember the first rule of the Dark Zone.

When I went in the Dark Zone for the first time someone that I found there send me an invitation to join his group, then he made our group status Rogue, then he left the group, attacked me and killed me, although I didn’t have any items that he could steal at that moment so I don’t know what was the point of that, but you get my point.


The Division has very good graphics and depending on the time of day that you play in the game it can go from good to amazing looking graphics. Manhattan in the winter looks amazing with the snow in the streets.

You can also choose from a variety of clothes and outfits to customize your character and you can also find more clothes on the map from looting. My only problem with the game in the looks department is that you don’t have enough options in the character creation since it is very limited.

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Final Thoughts

The Division may have started rough but now it’s a great game and it is worth to buy it but only when it’s on sale since The Division 2 has come out which improves upon the first Division. Now you will ask me “why buy The Division when its sequel is out?”

The Division 2 continues the story of the first Division and for me, it’s good to experience the story for yourself even if I said that the game doesn’t focus enough on the story. I suggest that if you want to buy the first Division that you wait until its price is below 15$.

Final Verdict

Storyline: 8.8

Gameplay: 8.3

Visuals: 9.3

General Rating: 8.8

That’s it for my review guys, I hope you liked it. If you liked the game leave a comment down below and tell me what you liked the most about this game. See ya in the next article.

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