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Code Vein PC Review

Code Vein PC Review

Hi guys! Today I will talk about Code Vein. As always, the review will have four parts, firstly I will talk about the storyline, then about the gameplay, afterward, I will talk about the visuals and finally, I will tell you my personal thoughts and give you a rating for the game from 0-10 (10 being the best).

Code Vein PC Review


The story of code vein is revealed to the player in a rather unique way.

You have the typical way that the game tells you its story, with cutscenes throughout the level, and you can also view “optional”(they are optional in the way that you can skip the dialogue when you view the memories and just unlock the ability that each memory unlocks, because memories that you find throughout the game unlock abilities so you have to choose to see them to unlock the abilities, but you can skip the dialogue if you aren’t interested) memories of the characters of the Code Vein universe to learn what happened to them and how are they connected to each other and to your companions in the story.

The story of Code Vein is very interesting and once you figure out what is going on, you will like the game even more.


Code Vein is a game that improved upon the Dark Souls formula and became a game that I would recommend to anyone that wants to play a challenging game.

Code Vein has a variety of weapons, abilities, and classes that you can choose and that gives you the choice to play the game whichever way you want.

You can for example play as a caster doing damage with spells from afar or as a melee fighter doing damage up close, there are many other choices that I won’t mention here because it will literally take pages of text to describe all that you can do in this game.

The thing that I want you to keep from this is that you have the freedom to play the way you want to play the game and that the game doesn’t force you to play in a certain way.

As for the weapons that you can use, there is a variety but I have to say I would have liked the game even more if I had more weapons to choose from.

Now there are many different kinds of enemies in Code Vein and you won’t feel like you are fighting the same kind of enemies over and over. Some of the enemies are really challenging to the point that they feel like mini-bosses.

The bosses of Code Vein are unique, interesting to fight, and they are challenging depending on the build you play with.

The way you progress in each location is by going from mistle(the resting point/checkpoint) and eventually finding the boss of the location and killing it. The game encourages exploration because there are many items hidden in each location so you have to thoroughly explore it.

You can play the game solo, co-op with AI or co-op with another human. I played the entire game solo, and I also played NG plus solo. The only parts where I tried co-op is when I was farming before I started NG plus and I have to say playing with AI makes the game very easy and I would discourage those of you that want a challenge to play with ai or co-op in general.


The graphics of Code Vein are really good. It feels like you are watching an anime. The only problem I have is that the areas that I played in throughout the game didn’t really captivate me. I would have liked a more eye-catching level design.

Now I will talk about my favorite thing about this game and I think that this is its biggest selling point and that is the character customization. This game has a really deep character customization and it gives you a lot of options when you create your character, the only thing I would like to have more option about in character customization are the clothes, cause the clothing options felt limited but compared to other games this customization on a whole different level.

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Final Thoughts

Code Vein is a great game that anyone that likes the Soulslike genre should buy. It is an amazing addition to the genre and I believe that there will definitely be a sequel to this game.

The combat is solid and the graphics are what you expect from a 2019 game and it has one of the best character customization systems you will find nowadays. The only problems for me are that the game encourages co-op but co-op makes the game very easy, and that the level design isn’t really impressive and memorable.

Final Verdict

Storyline: 9

Gameplay: 9

Visuals: 9

General Rating: 9

That’s it for my review guys, I hope you liked it. If you liked the game leave a comment down below and tell me what you liked the most about this game. See ya in the next article.

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