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Paladins Review

Paladins Review

A game eerily similar to Overwatch, Paladins is a multiplayer team-based shooter game published by Hi-Rez Studios, with many different characters.

The game is praised by most media, but is it worth it? This review will be split into storyline, gameplay, visuals, and finally, personal thoughts sections. Without further ado:


So the game supposedly is split into 2 factions that are at war with each other; the Magistrate and the Paladins (or Resistance).

In order to reduce soldier casualties, they used Heroes, who are much stronger than regular soldiers.

Most heroes pledged their allegiance to 1 of the 2 factions, but some (the Mercenaries) preferred to keep a neutral stance and go with the best contract.

Other than that there are minor factions and the setting is both futuristic and fantasy/medieval. There is a knight with a flamethrower for example.


There are 2 teams competing for victory. Every team has 5 player.

The game begins when all players choose their Heroes. Afterwards, the objective for victory depends on the game mode.

Before we go to the game modes, let’s talk about the Heroes. Every Hero belongs in a different category.

There are 4 categories for the Heroes:

  • Front Line, the team’s tank. As the tanks, Front Liners’ purpose is to be in the middle of the chaos and soak up damage.
  • Damage. Pretty self-explanatory, they are the main damage dealers, and usually, have the ability to either nuke the enemy or DPS him.
  • Support. The Support has a mixed position. They try to position themselves as best as they can in order to disrupt the enemy and heal their allies. They usually have poor damage.
  • Flank. Playing Flank is certainly the hardest, as they are the most squishy Heroes. Their purpose is to use their excellent mobility to traverse the battlefield and find and eliminate key targets, or at the very least create some chaos to the backline with their presence.

The best teams usually have a mix of the above classes, as having too much of one class is not as optimal.

Now, about the game modes.

The first and main game mode is Siege.

In Siege mode, there is a central point which a team must claim control of. To gain control of that point, one of your team members must stay inside the point for a specific amount of time, without any enemies stepping in.

Each second in the point raises your percentage of control. When you reach 100% your team captures the point. If both teams’ players are in the point, then it becomes contested, and neither team raises their percentage.

After a team captures a point, a payload is created. Then, the team that captured the point has a specific amount of time to push the payload into the enemy team’s base. The enemies will instead have to defend it.

The payload is pushed (or defended) whenever any Hero from a team is within its close vicinity. If both teams’ Heroes are close, then the payolad doesn’t move.

Every capture, push and/or defence of payload grants 1 point. The team to get 4 points first wins.

It should be noted that no team can gain their final fourth point by defending the payload, which means they must either capture a point or push a payload to win.

Siege mode also has ranked play, with a ban and pick phase, and various divisions.

The next game mode is Deathmatch.

Pretty straightforward, Deathmatch is about continuously killing the enemies. The first team to kill 40 players wins.

The final game mode is Onslaught.

Onslaught is a mix of the aforementioned game modes. There is a point which gives you points when uncontested, and enemy kills also give you points.

The first team to 400 points, or the most points after a specific amount of time wins.

All-in-all, the main game mode is most worth it, as is the case with most games.

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The visuals aren’t something absolutely impressing, but they serve their purpose very well.

In fact, they’re the around the best graphics you can have that can play on a toaster PC (or Laptop) without much problems.

Personal Thoughts

Although everyone says that Paladins is an Overwatch clone, Hi-Rez claims they got more inspiration from TF2.

The truth is, that it is indeed very similar to Overwatch, right down to Hero kits.

However, the game is free, contrary to Overwatch.

And also, Overwatch has many clones, and frankly, Paladins is the best you can get for free.

So, I highly recommend this game to anyone wanting to try Overwatch, but unwilling to pay for it.

For me, Overwatch only tops Paladins in the character depth department, where Overwatch’s characters are truly amazing.

Final Verdict

Storyline: –

Gameplay: 7.5

Visuals: 7.5

General Rating: 7.5/10

This is it for my review. Do you play Paladins? Do you prefer it from Overwatch for it being free, or is there another reason? Leave me a comment below.

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