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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice vs Code Vein – The Definitive Comparison

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice vs Code Vein

Hi guys! Today I will talk about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Code Vein. I will do a comparison between them and I will let you be the judge of which game is better. First I will talk about the storyline of those 2 games, then I will talk about the difference or similarities in their gameplay, and lastly, I will compare the visuals and tell you my final thoughts. Now let’s begin.


The stories in both games are very good. I enjoyed both stories but personally I believe Sekiro had a better story. I believe this comes down to personay l preference so you might enjoy Code Vein’s story more.

Objectivly both stories are well written so whatever game you choose, I believe you won’t be dissapointed by the story.


The main difference between Sekiro and Code Vein is the way they approach combat. In Sekiro in order to beat an enemy, you have to stay close to him and keep parrying his attacks in order to beat him. In Code Vein, you can parry too but it’s not essential to beat an enemy.

I personally never used parry in Code Vein and I had no problem in beating enemies or bosses. In Sekiro, I believe it’s very hard or close to impossible to beat the game without ever using parry.

I prefer the way Sekiro approaches combat, forcing you to parry enemies to beat them. Now as I said Code Vein has parry too but it’s similar to Dark Souls parry system meaning it doesn’t work the same as Sekiro or even close to it. I don’t like this kind of parry system and that’s why I never use parry in any Dark Souls type games.

As for the weapons you can use, in Sekiro you can only use your katana and some ninja tools(the number of times you can use them in combat is limited). Code Vein, on the other hand, lets you pick the weapon you prefer.

Again I prefer Sekiro here too and I will give you the reason for it. I may be overpraising Sekiro because it’s my favorite single-player game, but there is one more reason that I like Sekiro’s combat more.

Because the developers decided that the players would only be able to use a single weapon they had more time to focus on optimizing the combat experience against enemies and bosses with that weapon, making the fights more entertaining and balanced.

When a game gives you the option to choose different types of weapons the developers have to balance each weapon so no matter the weapon you are using you will have around the same difficulty beating the game.

That takes a lot of time and doesn’t allow time to optimize combat against enemies with every single weapon available. Also, I always use swords/katanas in these types of games so I would still use a katana even if I had more options. You can say that this game was made for people like me.

If you don’t really like playing with the same weapon for the whole duration of the game then I would recommend picking Code Vein.

The last things that I will talk about in this section are the difficulty of each game and the bosses. I don’t believe there is a comparison here. Sekiro is a lot more difficult than Code Vein. Also, the difficulty of Code Vein depends on the build you are using so some people might find it easier than others but I don’t believe that any build can make Code Vein more difficult than Sekiro.

Furthermore, the bosses in Sekiro are more exciting or you could say more frustrating to fight against than Code Vein because of the reason that I mentioned above(meaning that the enemies in Sekiro are optimized for fights against a single weapon).


The visuals are very good in both games. Although the games have different visual styles, Code Vein is more anime like while Sekiro chooses a more realistic approach, both games look great in their own way.

As for customization, Sekiro has zero customization options to change the appearance of the character while Code Vein has more options since you can create your own character and add different accessories to him/her.

In the visual section, I believe its a tie when it comes to the graphics and when it comes to character customization Code Vein wins.

Final Thoughts

I believe you have figured out by now that I like Sekiro more than Code Vein and I think I explained the reasons clearly. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like Code Vein too. I like both games, I just prefer Sekiro.

The reasons that I think Sekiro is a better choice are subjective for the most part since some people might not like to parry all the time and might prefer to dodge. Also, some people might not like playing with the same weapon all the time.

If you like parrying instead of dodging, you don’t mind playing with the same weapon all the time(with the bonus that enemies and bosses are better optimized against that weapon and fights are more exciting) and you want a more difficult game then pick Sekiro, else pick Code Vein.

The storylines are around the same level so I won’t bother putting them into consideration.

This is it, guys. I hope you found the article informative and that I helped you decide which is the best game for you.

Write in the comments below if you agree or disagree with what I said and if you think I forgot something. See ya in the next article.

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