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Code Vein vs The Surge 2 – The Definitive Comparison

Code Vein vs The Surge 2 - The Definitive Comparison

Hi guys! Today I will talk about Code Vein and The Surge 2. I will do a comparison between them and I will let you be the judge of which game is better. First I will talk about the storyline of those 2 games, then I will talk about the difference or similarities in their gameplay, and lastly, I will compare the visuals and tell you my final thoughts. Now let’s begin.


When it comes to storyline Code Vein is the clear choice in my opinion. Code Vein’s story is by no means a masterpiece but it is very good and it made me care about some characters.

I really didn’t feel anything while I played the story of Surge 2. I just cleared area after area and I heard some audio logs but I really didn’t care. The game doesn’t try enough to make you care about what’s going on. There is barely any cinematic and most of the story is explained through audio logs.

Code Vein has a lot of cinematics and the characters have more life in them compared to Surge 2. Maybe some will disagree with what I am saying but this is my opinion.


The main difference when it comes to gameplay between these two games is that in Surge 2 when you fight an enemy you have to think about which part of their body to focus in order to get an armor or weapon schematic while in Code Vein you just see them as enemies that you have to fight just like any other game.

Now that doesn’t mean Surge 2 is better than Code Vein, it’s just different. Whether you like this new type of thought process when you start a fight it’s up to you. My opinion is that it doesn’t really matter all that much.

Don’t get me wrong it’s good that a mechanic like that exists but for me, it isn’t a factor that I consider when it comes to deciding which of the two games is better.

As for the weapons that are available to you, both games have a lot of variety in that department and there are also a lot of different builds you can make in both games. For me, both games are equal in that matter.

Another thing to consider is the variety that the games offer when it comes to the enemies and bosses that you have to fight.

I can’t really say that one game has better enemies than the other or that it has more variety. They both do a great job to offer you a great gameplay experience.


The visuals of these games are very different. Code Vein goes for anime like visuals while Surge 2 goes for realistic visuals. Both look very good in their own way and I can’t say that objectively one is better than the other.

If you prefer anime-like visuals then go for Code Vein, if you want realistic visuals then go for Surge 2.

In the customization department, both games allow you to create your own character, though Code Vein’s character creation system is on a whole other level compared to the character creation system of Surge 2.

If you want a lot of options when it comes to character creation then Code Vein is the clear choice.

As for the difficulty, I believe Code Vein is more challenging that Surge 2. I didn’t find Surge 2 as challenging as Code Vein and I believe this is something that you should consider before you decide which of the two games you should get.

I can’t say about NG+ mode since I didn’t really try it, but when it comes to NG Code Vein is harder.

Final Thoughts

I think I gave you some things to consider before you choose what’s the best game for you.

In my opinion, there are 3 things that you should consider before making a choice. First, the storyline, as I said they have a different approach when it comes to storytelling. Code Vein does it with cinematics while Surge 2 prefers the audio log approach.

The second thing that you should consider, are the visuals. Code Vein is anime like while Surge 2 has more realistic visuals. Also, Code Vein has an amazing character creation system while the character creation in Surge 2 is more limited.

The third and final thing is the difficulty. When it comes to NG Code Vein is harder than Surge 2, at least that’s what I believe after I played both games.

This is it, guys. I hope you found the article informative and that I helped you decide which is the best game for you.

Write in the comments below if you agree or disagree with what I said and if you think I forgot something. See ya in the next article.

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