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Dark Souls Remastered PC Review

Dark Souls Remastered PC Review

Hi guys! Today I will talk about Dark Souls Remastered. As always, the review will have four parts, firstly I will talk about the storyline, then about the gameplay, afterward, I will talk about the visuals and finally, I will tell you my personal thoughts and give you a rating for the game from 0-10 (10 being the best).

Dark Souls Remastered PC Review


Dark Souls Remastered has an interesting storyline and you understand more of what’s going on compared to Dark Souls 3.

You won’t understand everything since they purposely made some things a little ambiguous.

I am not sure whether I should recommend this game to people that want a good storyline in their games. I will just say this if you like to discover the story on your own through reading item descriptions, talking to NPCs, and watching the environment then this game is for you.

If you want a more straightforward story with a lot of cutscenes and dialogue then you might not enjoy the story of this game so much.


The gameplay of Dark Souls Remastered feels more restricted than other Dark Souls games. For example, you can only roll in four directions, you can’t roll diagonally. This makes the game a little harder, but it’s more annoying than hard in my opinion.

Also, there isn’t any skill point reset method so you have to have clear goals in mind before you start putting points in skills cause you might waste a lot of them if you make a wrong decision. That happened to me since I played Dark Souls 3 before Dark Souls Remastered and I expected for Dark Souls Remastered to have a skill reset method like Dark Souls 3 so I wasn’t very careful about distributing my skill points at first.

If you don’t have any previous experience from any Dark Souls games, I have to warn you, this game doesn’t hold hands. You have to figure out where you have to go and what you have to do through dialogue with the NPCs.

There is no map for you to see and you just have to explore the areas to figure out the way to the bosses.

As for the items and equipment you can use, there is a lot of variety and you will surely find a weapon and armor that you will like.

The enemies have a lot of variety too since each area has unique enemies for you to fight. The bosses are interesting and you have to figure out their attack patterns in order to win.

Now let’s talk about replayability and difficulty. The game has a lot of replayability since it has a lot of classes for you to choose and since there are a lot of weapons and armor there are a lot of different builds you can try.

The difficulty of the game for me isn’t very high. It is a little more difficult than any other game is on nightmare mode.

For me, this game is more frustrating than difficult and the thing that is frustrating is the bonfire(checkpoint) placement. Sometimes you have to walk for 1-2 minutes just to get back to the boss. This for me makes no sense. It doesn’t add more difficulty to the game, it just makes it frustrating. I think FromSoftware understood that this makes no sense and in their latest games the bonfire placement is right next to the boss area.


The visuals of Dark Souls Remastered aren’t something special. They are improved over the original games’ visuals but not enough. I used Reshade to change some of the visuals to make the game more appealing and I have to say just changing a few things with Reshade makes the game actually look like a remaster.

Although I can do something like this, I don’t believe everyone that gets the game wants to download a program like this and spend time fine-tuning the visuals. I have to review the game based on what they offer, not on what I or someone else can do to improve upon the visuals.

The customization that this game offers for me ends on the character creation. Even though you can change the clothes you wear, if you care about the armor stats you have to get used to the appearance of the armor that comes with those stats.

There is no item transmogrification system, meaning that you are not able to change the appearance of any armor or weapon you have to the appearance of another weapon or armor you have gotten in the game and keep the item’s stats.

Final Thoughts

Dark Souls Remastered is a good game but it’s not for everyone. If you want a straightforward storytelling then this might not be a game for you. Also the controls feel a little clunky and you can tell it’s an old game not just from the looks but from the game mechanics and way your character and the enemies move.

You will get frustrated playing this game(just the bonfire placement can make you throw the controller if you don’t have a lot of mental endurance). As I said this game isn’t frustrating because it’s difficult, it’s frustrating because of design choices like bonfire placements.

The visuals aren’t helping either. The game look very dated and for many players that want to immerse in the game, this might be a deal breaker.

If you are going to get this game then I recommend that you wait for a sale since for me it isn’t worth the full price on steam, if you compare it to games that released in recent years.

Final Verdict

Storyline: 8.8

Gameplay: 8.5

Visuals: 7.5

General Rating: 8.3

That’s it for my review guys, I hope you liked it. If you liked the game leave a comment down below and tell me what you liked the most about this game. See ya in the next article.

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