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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice vs The Surge 2 – The Definitive Comparison

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice vs The Surge 2

Hi guys! Today I will talk about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and The Surge 2. I will do a comparison between them and I will let you be the judge of which game is better. First I will talk about the storyline of those 2 games, then I will talk about the difference or similarities in their gameplay, and lastly, I will compare the visuals and tell you my final thoughts. Now let’s begin.


I believe when it comes to story Sekiro is the clear winner. The story of Sekiro is deeper and a lot more impactful. The Surge 2 tells its story through audio logs mostly and it didn’t make me care one bit about what was going on.

Sekiro makes you care about the story and it even has multiple endings(one of them is the true ending).

If you want a game that will make you care about the story then Sekiro is the best choice.


Sekiro and The Surge 2 have a lot of differences when it comes to the way the game wants you to approach combat.

In Sekiro you are forced to stay on the attack since when you stop attacking the enemy recovers his posture and you have to start all over again. I believe this mechanic makes the fights more interesting since you can’t cheese your way through bosses.

The combat in Surge 2 is quite different. In Surge 2 you have to choose which part of the enemy’s body you want to focus your attacks, since they may have an armor part that you want, and the only way to get it is to do enough damage to that part of the body and then cut it out. Of course, you can choose to attack another part of the body that hasn’t armor equipped and that will make the faster a lot easier, but you won’t get any benefit from it besides beating the enemy faster.

Both combat systems have their own benefits and it comes down to what you think is best since no one can say that one system is objectively better than the other.

As for the equipment you have available, in Surge 2 there are a lot of different weapons and armor you can choose and they have different benefits. In Sekiro, you can only use the katana as the main weapon, but you also have some shinobi tools that you can use(they have ammo so you can’t use them infinitely).

Both enemies have a variety of enemies, so you won’t be facing the same enemies over and over again, but when it comes to bosses Sekiro is the clear winner since the boss fights are a lot more fun and entertaining in Sekiro, and the bosses are more unique.

Finally, Sekiro is a lot harder than Surge 2, especially if you activate the Demon Bell which makes the game even harder. Sekiro also has more bosses for you to fight. Surge 2 wins though when it comes to replayability since there are a lot of different builds that you can try. Sekiro has 4 endings so there is that for replayability but besides this and the option to not take Kuro’s charm in ng+(which will make the game even harder), there isn’t anything else changing in the other playthroughs.


The visuals of both games are great but I have to say that I prefer Sekiro since it has some absolutely stunning locations. Surge 2 is limited by the story of the game, so it can’t show locations as beautiful as in Sekiro.

As for the customization, I would have said The Surge 2 has a lot more customization than Sekiro but soon(with the update of Sekiro in October) this is about to change since Sekiro will have other outfits available.

So at the end of the day the customization of both games is around the same level.

Final Thoughts

The things I want you to keep from this article are the following.

First, if you want a deep story that will make you care for what is going on then Sekiro is the best choice in my opinion.

As for the gameplay, Sekiro has only one weapon available(a katana) while on Surge 2 you can pick different weapons.

The variety in enemies is more or less the same in both games, but Sekiro has more interesting bosses.

Sekiro is also more challenging and has more bosses for you to fight, but it has less replayability since there aren’t many different builds that you can try like in Surge 2.

Lastly Sekiro has better visuals, but and the customization is more or less the same in both games.

Whichever game you choose, I recommend waiting for a sale, but personally I believe Sekiro is worth getting even without sale(though that is a personal opinion and it may be biased).

This is it, guys. I hope you found the article informative and that I helped you decide which is the best game for you.

Write in the comments below if you agree or disagree with what I said and if you think I forgot something. See ya in the next article.

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