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Code Vein vs Jedi Fallen Order – The Definitive Comparison

Code Vein vs Jedi Fallen Order - The Definitive Comparison

Hi guys! Today I will talk about Code Vein and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I will do a comparison between them and I will let you be the judge of which game is better. First I will talk about the storyline of those 2 games, then I will talk about the difference or similarities in their gameplay, and lastly, I will compare the visuals and tell you my final thoughts. Now let’s begin.


Both games have a pretty straightforward storytelling approach. The voice actors on both games did a great job and they make you care about what is going on in the story.

It’s hard to say which game has the better story. I equally enjoyed both games’ stories though if I absolutely had to choose one it would be Code Vein’s story cause of the true ending of the story. I think it is the thing that makes the story of Code Vein a little better than Jedi Fallen Order’s story.

I have to say though that this is purely subjective and in my opinion, both stories are at the same level.


The difference between those games is in the way they approach combat.

In Code Vein, you have the classic Dark Souls combat which includes a lot of rolling, while in Jedi Fallen Order you have combat closer to Sekiro which includes a lot of parrying.

I have to say though that the parrying system of Jedi Fallen Order didn’t feel as good as Sekiro. It felt a little off, and that was enough to completely mess the timings. I don’t know if they fixed it with future patches, since I played the game when it was released, but the game version I played had a problem with the parry, and since I didn’t feel like getting used to this problematic parry system I rarely used parry.

I have beat Sekiro with the hardest possible difficulty settings(NG+7, demon bell activated and without Kuro’s charm) and in these settings when you don’t perfect parry you get chip damage so trust me when I say that the parry of Jedi Fallen Order(at least in the original version) had problems.

Another difference is that Jedi Fallen Order has only two weapons types available to you. The dual-blade lightsaber and the normal lightsaber. Code Vein has a lot of different types of weapons available, so you have to choose what you prefer.

Jedi Fallen Order has skills trees that allow you to unlock different force abilities, increase the power of those abilities, and increase your damage and a few other things similar to what I mentioned.

Code Vein on the other hand has different class types that you can play as depending on the Blood Code you chose. You can for example play as a caster doing damage with spells from afar or as a melee fighter doing damage up close, there are many other choices that I won’t mention here because it will literally take pages of text to describe all that you can do in this game.

As for the enemies that you will face both games have variety but I think Code Vein has a little more variety.

When it comes to boss fights, I believe the best choice is Code Vein. It has more interesting bosses than Jedi Fallen Order.

Lastly when it comes to replayability Code Vein is the better choice because of the variety of weapons and classes that it offers. Also, Code Vein has a lot more content. The difficulty of both games is at a similar level so I can’t say that one is harder than the other.


The visuals of both games are great but they really can’t be compared cause they have different styles. Code Vein goes for anime like visuals while Jedi Fallen Order goes for realistic visuals.

In the end it comes down to what kind of style suits you.

As for the customization, I believe Code Vein wins this since it has the best character creation system I have seen in a game, and it gives you a lot of options. Jedi Fallen Order doesn’t have character creation, but the game allows you to change the color of your equipment and ship, but I would like more color options than those available. Also, you have to unlock the colors in Jedi Fallen Order so you don’t have all the options from the beginning of the game.

Final Thoughts

What I want you to keep from this article are the following.

Both games have great stories, that you will enjoy in my opinion. As for the combat, in Jedi Fallen Order you have only 2 weapons available and force abilities, while in Code Vein you have a variety of weapons available and different classes to choose.

The difficulty of both games is around the same level, Code Vein has more content, more variety in enemies, and more interesting bosses.

Lastly, you can’t really compare the visuals, since Code Vein has anime-like graphics, while Jedi Fallen Order has realistic graphics, and both look good in their own way. Also, Code Vein has more customization options thanks to its amazing character creation system.

Whichever game you choose, I recommend waiting for a sale.

That’s it for my article guys. I hope you liked it. What game do you think is better and why? Write down your opinion in the comments below. See ya in the next article.

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