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Helltaker Review

Helltaker Review

Good free games seem to be a rarity on Steam, so you’ll be glad to hear of this short puzzle game.

Helltaker is a puzzle indie game, with quite a short duration, but definitely worth your hour.

It was released in 2020, and is described as “a short game about sharply dressed demon girls.” It is not very suggestive though, so if you want a game to satisfy your urges, you’re better off trying Huniepop or something. I’m gonna say it a lot during this review, but the game IS NOT SUGGESTIVE.

As usual, this review will have a Storyline, Gameplay, Visuals and finally, a Personal Thoughts sections. Without further ado:


For a short game you should expect a short and simple story.

A man named Helltaker had a dream about having a harem of demon girls. Waking up, he decides to make it a reality so he goes to hell and tries to convince the “sharply dressed” demon girls to join him.


the gameplay is pretty simple. Being a puzzle game, your purpose is to reach the end of the level (which is the demon girl) in a set amount of moves.

There are various hazards in a level. For example, some levels have spikes, which take away 2 moves when you step over them.

There are also the skeletons. Skeletons don’t move, and can be pushed back a space. if they are against a wall, pushing them will kill them. Pushing or killing a skeleton costs a movement point.

Finally, there are rocks. As with skeletons, you can push them around (losing movement points for each push), but unlike the skelies, you cannot destroy them.

When you reach the end, a cutscene will play, and the demon girl will ask you a question. Answering correctly will move you ti the next level. A wrong answer will either kill you, or give you a bad ending. Either way, you start over that level again.


There are 8 levels in total and in the end a ninth level that is a boss battle. The boss battle is not a puzzle exactly, it’s more like bullet hell kinda thing where you dodge a bunch of things.

In the ending, you take all the girls to your home and make the chocolate chip pancakes.

There is an additional bit to the ending if you manage to collect all the secrets, but I’ll leave that up to you.


There’s not much honestly, but as I said, the game shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to finish.

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The visuals are what you’d expect from an indie game. The “sharply dressed” demon girls have kind of become a thing however, and if you’re in the know-how in the hentai business you’ve probably heard or seen them somewhere.

Personal Thoughts

Helltaker is pretty fun and short. I highly suggest anyone try this if they want to do something random for 1-2 hours. (PG-13 I guess… though it’s really not suggestive at all).

And I’m serious about one thing; you shouldn’t use this game as an outlet to your urges. It’s really not that suggestive, and honestly, why would you wanna take gaming and make it about the hormones. I believe they ruin enough stuff already.

Final Verdict

Storyline: 5.5

Gameplay: 7.0

Visuals: 6.0

Personal Score: 6.2/10

Have you played Helltaker? Did you enjoy it or did you go there for the demon girls? Leave a comment below.

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