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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Developed by Mediatonic, this platforming battle-royale game is the one that has taken 2020’s early Q3 by storm.

Chaotic, challenging and (frustratingly) fun, it’s no wonder it became a massive success on release.

But what is Fall Guys? Is it competitive? Is it here to stay? Is it worth it? All will be covered with this review.

As usual, this review will have a Storyline, Gameplay, Visuals and finally, a Personal Thoughts sections. Without further ado:


The game has no storyline. I guess the 60 Fall Guys competing are part of a game show (that’s why all the cameras exist, and why you earn kudos as you play), but that’s just flavoring, it doesn’t count as storyline, just as a setting.


I mentioned Fall Guys being a battle-royale. That means that a bunch of (human) players compete with each other until 1 remains.

However, Fall Guys uses a round format and a bunch of different minigames. This means that out of the 60 starting players, on the first round, about 16-20% will be eliminated, and that carries on every round, until the final round which can be round 4, 5, or 6, the reason being is that some games don’t have a limit on players advancing, but instead, everyone who survives may pass (very rarely, these games may appear on the first round, netting a lucky player a first-round win).

As you advance, you may find some absolutely infuriating team games. To pass you must work with your team for the minigame’s goal.

When the final round comes, one of the final stages will be chosen at random. These final stages are exclusive to the final round.

Every player receives kudos (the in-game currency) based on their performance, but the winner gains a crown, which is the premium currency. Through microtransactions, you can gain more kudos, but never any crowns. You just gotta git gud.

That’s about the battle-royale aspect. The minigames are all platformers. That means you must race, dodge, and altogether jump through a lot of hazards. Sometimes, correct timing and balance are required.

Not only can you jump, you can also dive and grab.

Diving is something you have to master. Especially jump into diving into jumping to gain some distance is invaluable.

Grabbing is… mostly for trolling and annoying other players. You can use it to try and eliminate someone, but be a decent human being and don’t do that.

In some minigames, grabbing is a game mechanic. You have to grab other players to “tag” them, depending on the minigame.

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The game has bright colors and is generally praised for it’s visuals. I can for sure say that the bright visuals match the chaotic gameplay perfectly.

A great addition (to any game really) is the ability to customize your Fall Guy. Through color patterns, body patterns and clothes, you can never get bored when mixing it up.

You can buy cosmetic through the shop using both currencies you earn. The rarest items cost crowns, which means that by being better than others in this game, you can also show it too! And no one can buy these, as crowns are limited to victories and the (free) season pass.

Personal Thoughts

The game is relatively new and still has some issues.

Hackers and cheaters plague every other game. Playing for hours will get repetitive. And the worst? There seems to be an unfixable bug that (almost) never allows your team to win in team games. That last one is truly absurd.

The game does have potential however. And lots too.

The devs want to mix it up and add new content for quite some time. And frankly, it’s a great game to play for a few hours, between other games, studying, or anything. It’s a great game to kill some time pleasantly.

The only negative I can think about is the price, but for this game, I think it’s worth it.

Final Verdict

Storyline: –

Gameplay: 9.0

Visuals: 7.0

Personal Score: 8.0/10

Have you tried out Fall Guys yet? Would you like too? What do you think of all the chaos in the game? Leave a comment below.

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