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7 Tips to Improve your Rank in League of Legends

7 Tips to Improve your Rank in League of Legends

Hi guys! Today I will give you 7 tips that will help you improve your rank in League of Legends. I have played League of Legends since season 5 and I have reached Platinum in both EUW and EUNE. When I climb the ladder, I see people do these 7 mistakes very often and it’s one of the reasons that they don’t rank up. If you do these 7 things, I guarantee you that you will at least end Gold no matter your skill level. Let’s begin.

tips to improve your rank in league of legends

1. Have a Small Champion Pool

Now, I know that pros know a lot of champions and you believe that since they are the best in the game you should copy what they do, so you try to learn a lot of champions. This is a big mistake that will keep you from ranking up.

Most people that are high up the ladder, don’t play a lot of champions. They usually know 2-3 picks in the lanes they play. When you have fewer picks, you have more time to become better with them, and being able to consistently play good with your picks will help you to win lane more often and that will help you win games more often cause you will be able to help your team more if you are ahead of the opponent.

So, to summarize, you must know 2-3 picks in each of the 2 lanes that you play. You don’t need more than that. If you want to learn new picks, then practice with them in normals. If you want to rank up, never play picks in ranked that you don’t have at least mastery level 4.

2. Map Awareness

Another thing that people don’t do, and it keeps them from ranking up, is that they don’t look the minimap often enough. You should train yourself to look the minimap every 3 seconds tops.

Looking at the mini-map helps you avoid unnecessary deaths. If you see the enemy jungler in another lane then you know you have 5-6 seconds (if you play in the mid lane, if you play bot or top and you see jungler on the other side of the map then you have at least 17 seconds ) to play aggressively and go for kill. You should avoid going for kills when you don’t know where the enemy jungler is.

I learned this the hard way because I did this mistake a lot when I was new in the game and I died many times from the enemy jungler ganking the moment I went for the kill.

3. Know at least 2 Lanes

As I mentioned above you should know 2 lanes and 2-3 picks in each of those lanes. Don’t try to learn every single lane in the game. You should practice in normals on other lanes but in ranked you should focus on learning to play on the 2 lanes you are best at.

One common mistake that people make is that they reach Gold 1 for example and then they try to play on another lane and they end up losing a lot of games. They don’t understand that they are Gold 1 in the lanes that they play and with the champions that they play on those lanes. They aren’t a Gold 1 players in every lane and with every champion

4. Use Wards Correctly

This tip goes along with the Map Awareness tip. I see many players play aggressive in their lane to the point that they have pushed the wave under the enemy tower and they have 0 wards in the bushes, then they die because of the enemy jungler ganking them, and just like that they lost the advantage they had gained.

Never stay near the enemy tower with no wards, it doesn’t matter how fed you are except if you are 99.9% sure that you can 1vs2 (this is the only exception and I still don’t recommend it if you want to have more chances to win). You will avoid so many deaths if you do this.

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5. Change your Build According to the Situation

This is another crucial thing that will help you improve your rank. You should always build according to what opponent you have in lane and after the laning phase, you should build according to who is the most fed in the enemy team and who are the biggest threats.

For example I have seen countless times games where the enemies have champions like Vladimir, Swain or Illaoi who have a lot of sustain and not a single person in my team-built items with grievous wounds as passive and we kept losing team fights because we couldn’t kill them, and no one person with grievous wounds isn’t enough, you have to have 2 people because if that person that has grievous wounds dies then its game over.

So always build according to the enemies you have.

6. Play Safe When you are Behind

This right here is the reason most people in League of Legends flame and it’s so frustrating when people on your team don’t do this. Here is the Golden Rule, if the enemy in your lane has killed you 1 more time than you have killed him then you should start being more cautious, if the enemy has killed you 2 more times than you have killed him then you hug the tower and you don’t leave it except if your jungler comes for gank.

The reason most games are lost is because people don’t do this. They keep being aggressive in lane no matter how many times they die, and the enemy becomes so fed that the rest of your team can’t do anything to stop them.

7. Use Pings and Listen to your Teammates Pinging You

Last but not least, you should ping when the enemy in your lane is missing and you should do this more than one time. Do it at least 4-5 times. Ping ss in your lane and then danger ping to the other two lanes or one lane (if you see where he is heading). You should also listen to the pings of your team and back when they say you are in danger.

One thing that many people don’t understand is that by backing when your teammate pings you then you gain advantage over the enemy team cause the enemy laner that tried to roam gets no exp or gold and also loses exp and gold from the minions that are in his lane and died while he was roaming, and also the one in your team that was the opponent of that person gets free exp and gold and also pushes to the enemy tower. People usually in lower elos don’t listen to pings and they die and blame the one that his enemy laner roamed because he didn’t follow, when in fact if he pinged them its 100% their fault for not listening, because if they went back as I said before they would get an advantage.

That’s it for my article guys, I hope you liked it. If you found these tips useful and they helped you, write a comment below and tell me which tip you found the most useful. Also, if you think that there are more tips that could help people rank up that I didn’t include in this article then tell me in the comments below. See ya in the next article.

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