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Computer Gaming vs Console Gaming – The Definitive Comparison

Computer Gaming vs Console Gaming - The Definitive Comparison

Hi guys! Today I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of computers versus console and tell you my opinion on what I believe is best.


PCs, for me at least, are for those people that want the best graphics and best performance a game can have. They want to play games in high fps and don’t want their fps to be locked at 30 and on the best occasion 60 just because the console can’t handle more. Playing a game at 30 fps is awful.

PCs also have more games for you to choose from. They have indie games, MMORPGs and you can play those games no matter when they were released. Backward compatibility is a huge advantage of PCs that most consoles don’t have.

PC games also have better prices than console games. Game sellers often have huge sales and you can buy games at extremely low prices. When you play games on PCs you can also use mods on them that make the game more complete and even better depending on your preferences.

One more advantage is that you can play old console games that you can’t buy anymore on PCs using emulators, so in a way, PCs preserve console games. Lastly, on PCs, you can play online with other people for free without paying extra money like some consoles.

The disadvantages of PCs are that many games aren’t optimized well because the developers released the game thinking of consoles and PCs were added as a secondary console.

There are many bad PC ports and there will be more in the future. Moreover, the time a PC becomes obsolete depends on how much you paid for them. Since games are optimized better for consoles than PCs, you need to have better hardware than a console would need to run those games.

Another thing that you must think of when deciding which gaming system to pick is the peripherals. PCs need a mouse, a keyboard, a monitor and depending on the monitor you might need speakers too. Those things increase the cost of PCs.

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Now, let’s talk about consoles. When it comes to consoles you really have two choices, PlayStation or Xbox. Both consoles have their advantages and disadvantages, but the point of this article isn’t to compare consoles.

Consoles in general cost around 400 euros, which is lower than a PC. Picking a console means that you can play any game that releases on that console for the next five years when a new version of the console comes out. It doesn’t matter if the game was released when the console came out or if the game released 4 years later, you will still be able to play it the same.

Another advantage is that consoles are easier to set up and play, you just plug them on your TV and you can play games. Consoles have many exclusive titles that you can’t play on PC’s.  

That’s it for the advantages of consoles. The first disadvantage of consoles is that not all consoles have backward compatibility. Xbox has backward compatibility, but PlayStation hasn’t and although Sony promises backward compatibility on PS5, we can’t be sure that they won’t use that backward compatibility as a service and make you pay a subscription fee to play previous generation PlayStation games on PS5.

As I told before, console performance has limits and the reason for those limits is because they need to make all games run the same on that console for five years and to do that especially when technology evolves every year, you need to sacrifice performance. No game will have better performance on console than on PC. Lastly, games on consoles are more expensive than games on PCs and these costs do stack up.

Now that I explained the advantages and disadvantages of each system, it’s time to tell you my final thoughts and what I believe is best. For me PCs are the best choice.

Although at first glance PCs cost more than consoles, as I said before console games costs stack up and soon that cost difference will not only disappear, but you will find that you have paid more for the console and games in the long run.

Also, you have to pay a subscription to play online multiplayer in consoles but on PCs, it’s completely free so add that up to the cost and in the end, you will see that even though you tried to pick the most cost-efficient option, you made the wrong decision in the long run.

So, if I had to choose between one of the two, I would pick a PC. This is my opinion based on my preferences, but that doesn’t mean it should be the same for you. At the end of the day, each of us must pick what’s best for themselves.

That was my article guys, I hope you liked it. Write in the comments below what your preference is, PC or console and why. See ya in the next article.

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Best Low Graphics PC Games

Best Low Graphics PC Games

I’m sure there are many of you that don’t quite have their ideal version if a gaming system, and so, you are stuck with a below-average PC / Laptop. But the gamer inside you is boiling and seeks some decent games to play, even through bad specs. Fortunately, this guide has you covered and will give you the best games to play on a bad gaming system.

1. League of Legends / DotA 2

While I’ve talked about these two MOBAs in my previous article, they can also be a great getaway for anyone with a decent-to-bad gaming system. They also offer competitiveness in its most prime; both games are among the best in terms of their e-sports.

The choice between the two is simple, on its core, League is more casual and popular, and easier to pick up, but DotA 2 better rewards skill and has much better prize pools. They are also both completely free-to-play. A detailed analysis can be seen here.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft can pretty much be played on any… “gaming” system with more than one core. And it’s very amusing too. Essentially, it’s a pixel art sandbox game with a gigantic world you can explore and do pretty much anything you want.

I will not delve to the gameplay details any longer, there’s too much to explain for a list. Minecraft also has a multiplayer mode, but only if you get the paid version. A constantly updated version of the single-player launcher can easily be found online for free.

Minecraft’s original price is about 30€. There is also the Windows 10 Edition (aka The Bedrock Edition) which is just as expensive. It was originally created for mobile devices so some of the features you can find on the original Java Edition can’t be found here, but you can connect and play multiplayer with other Xbox players. Java and Bedrock Edition can’t cross-play with each other.

3. Crusader Kings II

A constantly updated, relatively new grand strategy game usually comes with equally fresh graphics, that is not the case however for Crusader Kings II. The game takes a new spin for the genre by introducing Houses.

You start as the head of your own House, and with a title of varying power (count, duke, emperor, etc.), and along with controlling your military powers, you live your life like a normal person; you age, you get married, etc. Your purpose besides conquering all is to make sure your house survives. That is, you always have a valid family heir to take things when you die.

There are many other things you can do, but again I’m not analyzing every detail. The bad thing is its price, but with features like this, it is to be expected.

4. Portal 1 & 2

The Portal Series are single-player puzzle games, with an amazing story to boot. You try to solve various puzzles by utilizing a portal gun, a gun that lets you shoot two portals which you can go through the one and out the other and vice versa.

You must think creatively for this, as most puzzles require planning and thinking about concepts such as gravity and acceleration. The game has excellent ratings, and is definitely a must, even if you don’t have a bad gaming system.

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5. Undertale

Undertale is really a special game. One of the best games there are, and a feat quite difficult for a pixel art game with simple controls. However, the game will captivate you with its story and branching storyline. Not much more to say, Undertale is a game about the feelings, and another game you should play regardless of PC.

6. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

A game of the newer generation of Roguelikes, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (TBoI:R) features Isaac, the titular character, trying to escape the basement of his house (and other hazardous places) to avoid being sacrificed by his mother.

The game is not trying to pass a religious message, even though it has a heavy religious tone. As you play, you collect items that help you with your quest by making you stronger. The game has many unlockables and secrets and is worth your time if you’re interested in roguelikes in general.

7. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a dungeon crawler / card game that also features some randomness ala D&D. You pick a character, and you try to climb the Spire through your choices on a map. You can fight enemies to enhance your deck or yourself, go to events, which can be favorable and unfavorable, and rest or upgrade your cards. What you do depends on the path you take.

8. CS:GO

CS:GO is another one of those competitive games that you can play on a low-end PC or laptop. One of the most popular shooter games, and highly competitive, CS:GO definitely earns its spot on this list. The game is not too complicated, and I recommend it for all you shooter fans.

CS:GO is another one of those competitive games that you can play on a low-end PC or laptop. One of the most popular shooter games, and highly competitive, CS:GO definitely earns its spot on this list. The game is not too complicated, and I recommend it for all you shooter fans.


Hearthstone is one of the most popular card games, and its the best online card game. Like most card games, it’s free to play, but you can pay to advance faster.

The gameplay is simple to pick up, but there are many tactics and strategies to utilize.

Another positive is that Hearthstone is based on the Warcraft universe, so you can have fun playing your favorite hero, despite the small selection of heroes.

That was the list guys, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any other recommendations, do say so in the comments.

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Why Are Video Games Fun

Why Are Video Games Fun

Hey guys! Today I will walk about why video games are fun. If you clicked this article, then you probably play games, but have you ever wondered why you like games. I thought of why I like playing games and I wrote the reasons why videos games are fun for me.

1. Immersion

When you play a video game you immerse yourself in that game’s story and world. You become the character you are playing, and most of the time you make decisions with that character and based on those decisions you will get a different ending to the story.

Feeling that your decisions matter is something that most people love in gaming. In games, you either play as a character that exists in that world or you create your own character, choosing his looks, his gender, and much more. Both types of immersion are good for different reasons.

If you play as an already existing character, it’s like you are watching a movie, there is a branching storyline, and every decision can affect the final outcome.

If you play as a character you created, then you feel like the character is an extension of yourself. Both types of games have their audiences and I personally like both.

2. Community

A game doesn’t have to be multiplayer to have a community of people talking about it. Playing a game and then discussing it in places like Discord or Reddit (or the games’ very own forums) is fun because you meet new people that share your interests and interact with them.

You talk about something you both like, learn from each other’s experiences in the game and become better players together. Having someone to help you when you are stuck and don’t know what to do in a game is nice and makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Multiplayer games are even better in that regard. In multiplayer games you don’t only chat with people, you play with them. You go on missions together and fight other players together. Playing a game with other people and making friends like this is another way a game can be fun.

Fighting AI bosses are hard and all, but there are limits to what an AI can do, its moves are limited and once you play against it enough times you learn his moves and eventually beat it. On the other hand, playing against human players can be even harder, depending on the person you are playing against.

Humans don’t have a limited set of moves they can do, nor are as predictable. They adapt and become better or change their strategy if they see it doesn’t work against an opponent.

Chatting about a game with other people and playing with them can be truly amazing if you find the right people. I found some guys to play within a game and we had a blast.

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3. Variety

As you can see in another article on our site (click here if you are interested), there are many game genres. If you get bored playing action games, then you can play some strategy games, if you are bored playing alone, then pick up a multiplayer game, if you want to create your own character, then play an MMORPG.

Having so many genres of games to choose from means that you will never be bored when playing games. Not only are there many genres to choose from, but there are many games in each genre too. We live in the golden age of gaming.

Most people nowadays play games in their free time. There are thousands of games to play, so you will never run out of games you can play; the only limit is the money you must spend.

4. Culture

There are many games whose stories take place in the past and in different countries and eras. I don’t say that games are historically accurate but playing those games gives you a taste of what living in that period felt like.

Games, like movies, are a medium to tell stories and many developers create games that are based on historical events. Learning about what it felt like to live in a certain era by playing a game is way more fun and interactive than reading it in a book, at least for me it is.

 5. Competitiveness

There are games like CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft II and Call of Duty, among others, which are highly competitive. These games are considered among the most popular multiplayer games, and competitiveness is the reason why. Most players want to test their skills against other players and find out how good they are compared to them.

These games and many more have ranking systems that put players in divisions based on their skill level. Playing those games can become very fun and addictive, because you, like most people, like winning, and being the best in a game is a goal that many gamers share.

Games like the ones I mentioned before have a clear way to show how good you are and climbing the ladder is a goal that makes those games rewarding and fun.

Those were my reasons on why video games are fun. I hope you liked my article. If there are any reasons you like video games not on this list, then write them in the comments below. Also, write what are your favorite games and why. Thanks for reading the article, see ya at the next one.

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Top MOBA Games

Top MOBA Games

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (or MOBAs for short) are one of the most popular game genres in our era. Starting in the late 2000s to early 2010s, MOBAs are renowned for their easy to pick up rules, multiplayer based nature, and high competitiveness, among other things.

If you want to get started with the genre, then this list will give you the best MOBA games out there and their key differences, in order for you to make the best option.

If you don’t like too much analysis, I will also provide a list of pros and cons for each game at the end of its respective paragraph. Without further ado:

1. League of Legends

Every gamer has heard League of Legends at least once in their life. League of Legends (abbr. LoL) is the most popular MOBA game there is, and one of the most popular games ever. Despite being released in late 2009, it still tops the charts in viewers a decade after.

Its popularity is probably due to LoL being the first independent MOBA game released, but it is in part due to its more simple nature, compared with the other games on this list at least. League of Legends sticks true to the original MOBA games created as mods from other game engines.

Another advantage for LoL (and most MOBAs in general) is the low graphic requirement, as most PCs and Laptops can run it. It also has one of the largest e-sports stage in the gaming world, and certainly the largest among its other MOBA brothers. It also helps that League is considered more “casual” as a game.

Riot Games is the company behind LoL’s development and future. While they do have a lot of complaints for their choices, they do have to be given credit where credit is due; they kept League of Legends among the best games. Of course, all this was done in a strictly free-to-play game, and even with their limited resources, they managed to pull through

One issue many players have, and rightly so, is the behavior and punishment system. Generally, LoL can be a stressful game when you are playing competitively, and the matchmaking system can sometimes give you many unwanted players in your team.

This is true for all tiers of competitive play, and in a team-based game such as League, these kind of players just waste your time by needlessly throwing the game.

What does poor matchmaking have to do with punishment? Well, if you try and flame these kind of players, even with lighter insults, you will probably get some form of ban from the game.

I’m not saying I support toxicity (especially towards concepts such as race, religion, gender, and any other targeting of racial belief against a certain group of people; this should always be condemned), I do however understand why people act like this, especially under the circumstances i described above, and Riot can be (and will be) very harsh at times, not even bother looking about the player’s influence in general.

So, if you skipped the analysis, here is the list of pros and cons for League of Legends:


  • Reasonable learning curve
  • Huge e-sports stage.
  • Promotes and rewards playing with friends.


  • Easy to get banned, even for lighter insults.
  • Bad matchmaking system.
  • Kinda toxic community and playerbase.

2. DotA 2

Defense of the Ancients 2 (abbr. DotA 2) is not as popular and renowned as its cousin League of Legends, but it still is just as good. Sporting a huge hardcore community, DotA 2 doesn’t have the sheer bulk of League in the e-sports scene. It does make up for it though, with more generous prize money for the winners and competitors.

DotA 2 originates from DotA (obviously), which was a mod for Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 series. Thus, DotA 2 sticks closer to the original gameplay that made MOBAs popular.

DotA 2, while keeping the basics of every MOBA game, and while being almost identical in gameplay to League, it still is much more complicated than its counterpart. This is due to the different balance choices made by their respective balance choices. Valve,the company behind DotA 2 (but not DotA), wanted the game to be more true to its origins.

DotA 2 is considered so complicated, because of the complexity of many of its heroes, and because the game’s items are designed in a way that do not just add some more stats to your hero linearly, but also give you many bonus effects. DotA 2 games also last for long amounts of time, leaving more room for comebacks.

DotA 2’s balance is near impeccable, with almost all (if not all) heroes being viable competitively and Valve is often praised about it. Unlike most MOBAs, DotA 2 doesn’t have big content updates like new heroes in a monthly schedule; the big updates are scarce and few every year.

It is also not as team-based as other games, you can win games on your own, should you play good enough. DotA 2’s community is very infamous, but at least you don’t get banned for trash talking.

These advantages are also its disadvantages. Its complexity and longer game time often drive new players away. In order to even think about playing competitively, one has to spend hundreds of hours practicing and learning about the game beforehand.

Again, if you don’t want to bother reading the text above, the pros and cons are as follow:


  • Generous prize money in the e-sports scene.
  • Complexity that lets you better express your individual skill.


  • Complexity means that you need to dedicate a lot of time if you are to be competitive.
  • Not as many updates to keep the feeling of “freshness”.

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3. Heroes of the Storm

It was all thanks to Blizzard that MOBAs were introduced to the gaming community, and for years they sat by and watched as the genre grew without them in it. And so, in the recent past they decided to give the genre their own spin. Thus, Heroes of the Storm (abbr. HotS) was released.

Blizzard decided to change the rules a bit, and along with that, reintroduce some of our all time favorite characters from their legendary titles Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft. HotS will generally cater to you if you either are a Blizzard fanboy, or would like to play a game that doesn’t have too complicated mechanics.

The premise is that every legendary hero is pulled from their respective universe and forced to do battle in the Nexus; a universe between worlds of many mini-worlds, each controlled by a respective leader.

In terms of gameplay, HotS throws away the traditional system of gold grinding, focusing instead on experience. But, again, unlike the other MOBAs, experience collected is added to your team’s pool of experience, simply: you and your team share experience. This was done with two directions in mind: a more team based game, and more action instead of static farming.

Recently, Blizzard announced the cancellation of the competitive scene, which left many players unsatisfied. Of course, due to the existing player base, they could not cancel the game altogether; development continues, and updates keep on coming.

This game is the perfect fit for any player looking for a casual experience in MOBAs, or players looking to see their favorite characters against each other.

If you want to skip the “wall of text” above, then the basics are:


  • Easy game to play and enjoy
  • Well known and established characters from legendary games
  • Casual community


  • No competitiveness / e-sports
  • No way to express individual skill in an obvious way.


SMITE is the final game of this list. Developed and released by Hi-Rez Studios, SMITE is another MOBA that wanted to give the genre a fresh twist.

Very much alike to the two giants of the genre in terms of gameplay, SMITE has one key difference. Every player plays from a third-person perspective. This certainly keeps things interesting, as it allows for completely different balance options and directions. SMITE also lets you control Gods, very powerful entities from various mythologies around the world.

About the community, honestly, SMITE is the only game in this list I haven’t personally played, but, from what I’ve heard, the community is very much toxic (I guess this comes with the genre…).

Hi-Rez did suspend thousands of accounts for bad behavior, but that didn’t do much good. I’ve also heard complaints about Hi-Rez, but what each company does with its game is its own business.

Another positive is the many different game modes that exist. Not only do they give diversity to the game, some modes help you practice without needing to learn complex lane and meta mechanics.

Though in the end, it is a traditional MOBA, SMITE allows you to better express other skills that the other MOBAs don’t, like your aiming. SMITE also has a growing competitive scene, but nowhere near the degree of the two MOBA leaders.

In retrospect, if you want a different kind of MOBA or just plain like mythology, then SMITE should be given a chance. Or, in list terms:


  • Play as a God, a powerful mythological entity from a bygone era.
  • Third-person perspective, which allows you to better express your skills.
  • Decent e-sports scene.


  • Bad Community
  • Many complaints exist about the company in charge.
  • Not as popular.
  • A little bit higher graphics requirements.

These are the best MOBA games out there, with each having its goods and its flaws. Ultimately, the option of which one is truly the best is up to you. This list’s order does not depict which of these games are better, it’s just random order, nor does it show any personal preference.

As for me, my favorite of the list is certainly Heroes of the Storm. Which is your favorite MOBA? Do you have something to add? If so, just leave a comment below.

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Anime to Watch in 2019

Anime to Watch in 2019

Hi guys! Today I will recommend to you anime you should watch, that started airing in 2019 or will air sometime in 2019.

1. Dororo (January 7, 2019)

Dororo is a remake of an old anime. The story of Dororo is remarkably interesting; it revolves around Hyakkimaru, a boy whose father gave all his limbs and many of his organs to demons, in order to gain power.

Now Hyakkimaru, along with a friend that he met named Dororo is on a quest to kill all the demons and get back his organs. This series is ongoing.

2. The Rising of the Shield Hero (January 9, 2019)

The anime revolves around Naofumi Itawani, an otaku that plays games and reads manga. Suddenly, he is transported to another universe with three other guys and the four of them are supposed to be the four legendary heroes that will save that world from imminent destruction.

Contrary to the other heroes who are praised upon by the people of that world, Naofumi the Shield Hero is rejected by the people of that kingdom and soon finds himself penniless and alone. Now be must find a way to become strong and save the world. The series is ongoing.

3. My Hero Academia Season 4 (October 2019)

The fourth season of My Hero Academia. As I wrote in my other article, this anime is extremely popular with amazing characters and its fourth season is highly anticipated.

For those of you that have not read my other article, this anime revolves around a boy named Deku whose dream is to become the world’s greatest hero.

4. Dr. Stone (July 2019)

Ooki Taiju a high school boy is prepared to declare his love for his crush named Yuzuhira, but as he is about to do that the world ends and every human is turned into stone by an unknown cause.

After thousands of years in a petrified state, he still holds his determination that one day he will find a way to save Yuzuhira and declare his love for her.

5. Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 (January 7, 2019)

Kageyama Shigeo is a boy with psychic abilities. He could lift objects with his mind from a young age but stops using his abilities publicly because of the negative attention.

The only thing he wants is to become friends with one girl in his class. Mob Psycho is a great anime and you must definitely give it a try.

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6. One Punch Man Season 2 (April 10, 2019)

One Punch Man second season is highly anticipated and a must-watch for all anime fans. For those than don’t know the premise is about Saitama; a guy who after training for 3 years gains tremendous strength and can beat anyone with One Punch.

He wants to become a popular hero, but most people don’t take him seriously and call him a fraud. His most trusted ally is Genos who, after witnessing his tremendous power first hand, decides to become his self-proclaimed apprentice.

7. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 (April 29, 2019)

The continuation of the third season of Attack on Titan. Humanity lives behind walls in order to survive from giant humanoid beings called Titans.

The anime focuses on Eren, a boy who wants to avenge his mother’s death and free humanity from the Titans. Through his battles he will find out a lot of truths about why humanity is attacked by the Titans, and why they are trapped behind walls.

8. Kimetsu no Yaiba (April 6, 2019)

Tanjirou has taken upon himself to take care of his family after his father’s death. They might not have the best life, but they have found a way to be happy.

All that will change when his family gets slaughtered and his sister becomes a demon. Now Tanjirou must fight demons and find a way to turn his sister back to normal.

9. Fairy Gone (April 8, 2019)

The anime centers around an organization called Dorothea which investigates and suppresses fairy related crimes. Fairies are tools that can be used in war.  They dwell in animals giving them abilities. By transplanting those animal organs in humans, those humans can call those fairies as an alternative ego and use their power to fight.

At the start, fairies were used as weapons of war, but after the war was over some of those individuals that had fairy powers decided to take advantage of their power and commit crimes. Dorothea tries to stop those people.

10. Kenja no Mago (April 10, 2019)

After an accident that caused his death, a young man was reborn in another world as a baby. A mage called Merlin, who is a hero in this world, took him in as hid the child and taught him how to use magic.

The boy became extremely powerful and at the age of 15 he was ready to set out to see the world, but Merlin remembered that he forgot to teach the boy some common sense. Now the boy will enroll in a Magic Academy to learn the ways of the world.

That’s it for my list guys. Hope you liked it. If there is an anime that you are looking forward to this year and isn’t on the list, write it down in the comments below. See ya in the next article.

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21 + 1 Video Game Genres

21 + 1 Video Game Genres

(The list might not cover every existing genre, but I will cite the most important ones that I believe cover every game out there. If there is any major change, I will update accordingly)

Have you ever been to a point where you just wanted to try out a new genre of games, instead of playing games of the same genre all the time, but didn’t know which genre should you pick?

This list aims to help you by listing almost all the gaming genres, giving you what you need to know about them, and present you some of its most popular games, so you can have a starting point. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Disclaimer: There will be some genres that will be left out, not because they are too “casual”, “boring”, or “simple”. It’s just that this list is a bit more in-depth, and there aren’t many things I can write about the ones that are left out.

Of course, there may be other reasons and whatnot, but if you really believe that a game genre should be on this list then just comment below with your reason behind such request, and if it is indeed convincing, I will edit in a new section in this article.


Platformers (or platform games) are one of the earliest gaming genres. It’s an action subgenre that usually gives you control of a character, and your goal is to reach an endpoint, by traversing various landscapes and levels of increasing difficulty.

You almost certainly have heard about this genre by games like Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. or SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Platformers are also one of the most popular gaming genres, and usually, any person’s introduction to gaming.

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
One of the first and most iconic platformers of all time.

Generally, platformers have a variety of some subgenres that mostly dictate what you can use to get to you goal. Some examples include gun platformers, or puzzle platformers.

Platformers are ever so popular even to this day. This is due to their design. It’s very easy to get into a platformer game, but that does not mean that they are easy, because, as noted above, of their increasing difficulty. Their popularity is quite impressive, considering that they are almost always single player games.

If you want to try out platformers, here are some if the more popular ones, as well as some that I think you should try out:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Series
  • Super Mario Bros. Series
  • Crash Bandicoot Series
  • Spyro the Dragon Series
  • (The original) Megaman Series


Shooter games are one of those game genres that every gamer has played at least once at one point in their life. Typically, in a shooter game, you control your character, and your goal is to complete various objectives that always require shooting stuff.

Generally, I’m not fond of shooters, but, being another action game subgenre, I can understand why there are so many fans of this genre; its simple yet fast-paced gameplay is quite exciting. There are, however, some more advanced mechanics for you to learn on most of these games, mechanics like gun recoil, or ammo capacity.

21 + 1 Video Game Genres

Shooters are also one of the most renowned games in the e-sports scene, with some games frequently running various local tournaments and even global championship, with thousands of cash for rewards.

They also have a huge fanbase, as you can see streamers and/or broadcasts having thousands of viewers when live streaming.

Like most genres, shooters also have a small variety of subgenres, that either change the way you view your character when playing (first or third-person shooters), implement a reward system that lets you customize your character and strengthen your weapons, or what kind of guns you use.

Shooters will always have a place in the gaming industry, with new games coming every year, and creating hype doing so. If you want to get into shooter games and try them out, here are my suggestions:

  • Doom
  • Half Life 1 & 2
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (abbr. CS: GO)
  • Call of Duty Series
  • Overwatch


21 + 1 Video Game Genres

Fighting games are yet another genre with lots of history. The first fighting game dates to 1976, but fighting games were at their peak during their golden age of the 90s. Back then, they were the prominent competitive games.

Fighting games, like platformers, began in arcades, and even to this day, most arcade machines have either a fighting game or a platformer. Their competitiveness in the 90s was solely on arcade machines. Since then, fighting games have gradually moved to consoles and computers.

Every fighting game is pretty much the same on its core design and set of rules. You control a character, and you must defeat the opponent that is either an AI Bot or another player. Usually, you are victorious if you win 2 out of 3 rounds. The fighting is melee combat only, and there are different characters, with different playstyles.

The controls are seemingly very easy, with the press of a button usually corresponding to a simple move (e.g. a punch, or a kick). The catch is that there are an overwhelming number of different combos for each character, that require a very specific sequence of button to execute. These combos take a lot of time, practice, and patience to master. This separates good players from the bad.

The popular fighting games are mostly series, and there are some I won’t mention:

  • Mortal Kombat Series
  • Street Fighter Series
  • Tekken Series
  • SoulCalibur Series


So stealth games are a rather small subgenre, due to its similarities to other action games. Usually, a stealth game has similar objectives to other action games and subgenres. Its main selling point is subterfuge.

Subterfuge is a stealth game’s bread and butter. Your given objectives usually require you to perform them in secret, remaining undetected and resulting in automatic failure, should you be spotted. Some games might offer you an option between going stealthy, or engage in full-fledged combat, but you probably will be punished for it.

Stealth games weren’t always a standalone (sub)genre. In fact, it began as a gameplay element for various other action games. This can be found in today’s games as well; many games might have some stealth missions or objectives. The first mainstream stealth games all came in 1998, where three successful games were released in that same year.

Common elements in stealth games include different services such as espionage, counter-terrorism, and spying. The protagonists are masters of the aforementioned; ninjas, spies, thieves, assassins.

Stealth games might be used as an element in other action games, but they use other common action game elements, such as first-person and third-person shooters, or platformers.

There aren’t as many popular games or series that are categorized under the stealth subgenre, but the ones that are, are well-respected games on their own. These include:

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
  • Metal Gear Solid Series
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell
  • Alien: Isolation


Survival games are a weird kind of action subgenre, in the essence that they don’t give you a certain goal in the traditional sense; your goal is to survive for as long as possible (or for a predetermined amount of time).

Survival games leave you on day one with just basic rules and tools, and you must use them to survive, advance and build more advanced tools, and even weapons. In some cases, though, you just need to survive with what you’re given from the start.

One notable, and lately very popular subgenre of survival games are the battle royale games. Within one, you are pitted against a large amount of other human opponents, within one small arena, with its boundaries diminishing every few minutes. You begin with nothing, and by scavenging areas and buildings, you can find weapons to aid your cause.

Survival games have always been popular within the gaming community, but with the releases of multiple battle royale games, their popularity spiked, especially with younger audiences, as usually, a survival game had some horror elements to it, making them unfit for youngsters.

I will divide the list of popular games with games that are survival games in the traditional sense and battle royales:

Traditional Survival Games

  • DayZ
  • Don’t Starve
  • Subnautica

Battle Royales

  • Fornite
  • PUBG
  • Apex Legends


Horror games are what the name implies; they want to scare you. While their gameplay is a lot like survival games, and the player’s goal being the same; to survive, there are some key differences which distinguish them from each other.

21 + 1 Video Game Genres

One small but important difference is that horror games hinge on the unexpected, jumpscares being the most used way. This means that enemy encounters are often random and unexpected.

The tone is usually darker as well, and there are some platforming elements too.

Another difference in survival games is resource management. Horror games give very scarce resources, and you must manage them very well lest you run out. You cannot farm enemies for more, nor can you survive without any.

During recent years, many horror games have moved on to be more action-packed, with some of the fans criticizing the game developers for this change.

Still, horror games are coming out every few years, and while they are not super popular like other genres, their sales certainly don’t reflect that.

Few are the games in the genre, and the most popular are:

  • Resident Evil Series
  • Silent Hill Series
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Slender: The Eight Pages
  • The Last of Us


Metroidvania games got their name from their spiritual predecessors, whom they aim to be similar to Metroid and Castlevania.

What connects these games together is that these games have a large interconnected map, that allows you access to advanced areas, only if you’ve hit some requirement, or if you unlocked some item, or sometimes if you found a secret shortcut/passage.

Said methods require defeating a lot of enemies, and many times going back to revisit areas you’ve completed, just because you can further explore it with the use of your newer powers.

Generally, though, Metroidvania games are a lot like puzzle or adventure games, but what makes them stand out as a genre is their boss fights. Metroidvania games always have boss fights, with one final boss waiting at the end of the game.

Though their popularity was high due to Metroid’s and Castlevania’s success, there aren’t many game releases of this genre. But the few games released are certainly worth the effort:

  • Metroid Series
  • Castlevania Series
  • Hollow Knight
  • Ori and the Blind Forest

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Adventure games are a big genre, and theoretically, I could split it to its subgenres for the purposes of this list, but honestly, the subgenres just change the way in which the adventure is delivered.

While the name doesn’t suggest that, adventure games don’t have much action (if at all). Your adventure is through a graphic or text novel, in which you have a character, and your actions always affect the future of the story.

There are elements of puzzle-solving as well with some subgenres fully relying on it.

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
Text Adventures where very simplistic in nature, but they still got the story through.

The first of its subgenres is text adventure, used by the first-ever adventure games. The interface and game are simplistic. You just read through the story and use your keyboard for your “reaction” on any given situation.

The second one is graphic adventures. Same as above, only differences being that there is an image of the current location (maybe with some characters in) and your input is the mouse instead of the keyboard.

The aforementioned subgenres were the first kind of adventure games. As technology evolved, so did adventure games, moving on to point-and-click adventure games.

This time, you use your mouse as your guide to the story, for things like answering to NPCs, moving between locations, or interacting with your environment. Usually, in point-and-click adventure games, the main purpose is to find and collect items, for future use.

A different application of point-and-click games is the escape room games, most popular for mobiles. Like the point-and-click, you have to find items within a room (or a predefined space), but you have to figure out how to use them (by combining, dismantling, or just checking them) in order to either escape the room or find the code that lets you escape the room.

Puzzle adventure games are the most renowned adventure games. Generally, you can move and interact with your environment, but the progression relies on puzzle-solving within the environment, instead of inventory puzzles.

Narrative games are another popular adventure game subgenre. These games don’t rely on gameplay; they immerse you in their story instead.

A common theme for these games (which also offers amazing replayability value) is its branching storyline. This means that each choice you make, will affect the final ending of the story. There are also a lot of cutscenes in these games, to help with delivering the story.

Finally, we have some smaller subgenres, the walking simulations, where the story is delivered through walking alone, the visual novels, which is like reading a book, but there are sprites of the characters, which make them more lively.

Finally the (least common) interactive movies, where a movie is played out for you and at some points you input (usually with a joystick, or similar control patterns) a move in order for the movie to continue.

Due to the general lack of action, adventure games aren’t as popular as other genres. They are generally played by gamers who value good storytelling above gameplay. For the few that exist (such as me), the more popular adventure games are:

  • The Talos Principle (Puzzle Adventure Game)
  • The Walking Dead Series (Narrative Adventure Game)
  • Life is Strange Series (Narrative Adventure Game)
  • Portal 1 & 2 (Puzzle Adventure and Platforming Hybrid)

Action RPGs

Action RPGs (Role-Playing Games) are a rather unique subgenre, in the essence that it really became popular thanks to its origins and through its own subgenres. You will not see any recent pure action RPGs, most combine elements from other genres.

Action RPGs originated from the Hack and Slash tabletop games. Hack and Slash games started moving from tabletop to platform when game developers started releasing games set in D&D-like worlds.

What contrasted them from regular action games, or regular RPGs is that they combined elements from both, thus the naming Action RPGs.

Releases began in the late 70s, continuing through the rest of the 20th century. The big breakthrough came in 1996, with Blizzard’s Diablo.

This game reinvented the genre, with games previously being considered examples of action RPGs moving on to other categorizations of subgenres, and Diablo setting the scene for future action RPGs.

While Diablo is a point and click action RPG, there are also the shooter action RPGs, that also began during the late 90s. They may not have the success of Diablo and the subgenre it created, but they are still considered staples as popular action RPGs.

Action RPGs are liked because of their hybridity. Their games have elements from action games, RPGs, shooters, puzzle games, platformers, point and click, and some more.

The common element between all action RPGs is its real-time combat, instead of it being turn-based, which is the reason why many action RPGs are also referred to as hack and slash.

If you are new to Action RPGs as a genre, then I recommend to you the following games in order to get introduced with them:

  • Diablo Series
  • Deus Ex Series
  • Mass Effect Series
  • Final Fantasy XV


MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) are one of the biggest gaming genres today (even though it has been declining for the past 5 or so years). What keeps MMORPGs so popular among other things, is the fact that in this genre, you create your character.

MMORPGs were created as a variant of the more text-based MUDs. As game developers kept experimenting, MMORPGs weren’t really defined until 1996 and the release of Meridian 58.

Ever since, MMORPGs haven’t seen much change, as there aren’t many things that can be changed in a game that wants to consider itself an MMORPG. During the late 2000s, MMORPGs became one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Their popularity surpassed almost every other genre.

As the name suggests, MMORPGs are combinations of MMOs and RPGs. This means that you will be playing a traditional RPG, where you must progress your character through quests, missions, and enemy slaying.

The difference is that there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of other players trying to do the same. You will be able to interact with them in the virtual world that the game is set.

Usually, you are the one that decides the looks of your character (things such as gender, race, height, hairstyle and many other options). Sometimes though, you are forced within a specific character.

What you always get to choose is your class. Classes determine the role of your character, and every different MMORPG has many different classes (and sometimes subclasses too!), but the main aspects of these classes are (usually) damage, tanking, supporting.

Every MMORPG has at least one PvE mode (Player vs Environment), where players must cooperate in order to kill very hard computer-controlled monsters. MMORPGs also have one (or more) PvP mode(s) (Player vs Player), where teams of players battle other teams of players.

Sometimes, an MMORPG might have some sort of territory contesting mode, where players must contest with players of a different allegiance (through factions, races, clans and other forms of shared identity) for a specific territory.

I’ve already mentioned that MMORPGs are a very profitable business in general. But how do companies earn money from such games? There are several ways which they do:

  1. The first is through a subscription fee. This means that a player must pay a specific amount of money every set amount of time
  2. The second is through the freemium model. That means that the game is generally free, but will require some sort of payment for further advancement or for acquiring strong items and remaining viable during the later stages of the game
  3. The third is by regular payment. Simple enough; you pay once, and you can play indefinitely.
  4. Finally, the fourth method is through cosmetic items. An MMORPG, either free or paid, will give you the option of spending money on cosmetic items that only alter appearance. This method is more commonly used by free-to-play MMORPGs to sustain themselves and the game since there is usually no other form of income
21 + 1 Video Game Genres
The impact of MMORPGs is evident by thousands of cosplayers on every gaming event.

MMORPGs also have a huge impact on gaming culture and socialization in general, but to further analyze them, I would be required to write a whole article dedicated to them.

For now, I will list some of the most popular and famous MMORPGs that you can play today:

  • World of Warcraft (Subscription Fee)
  • Guild Wars 2 (Free-to-Play, but has paid expansions with more content)
  • TERA (Free-to-Play)
  • RuneScape (Free-to-Play)


Roguelikes are two-dimensional dungeon crawling games. They got their name from the first roguelike named Rogue.

At the beginning of the genre, roguelikes were characterized dungeon crawling through procedurally generated levels, by turn-based gameplay and permanent death.

As graphics improved, roguelikes couldn’t remain to their original tile-based graphics, lest they face extinction, so by today, the shifted to more procedural labyrinth dungeon crawler style of levels, which means that you have to find an exit every level and that the levels would never have the same map layout, no matter how many times it was repeated.

Having borrowed concepts from the popular tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons, roguelikes allow you to choose your character, his strengths/weaknesses, and many times, allow you to customize your starting attributes and skills.

You begin with your basic equipment, and as you move on, you acquire more powerful weapons, equipment, and items. Combat in older roguelikes is done by moving to the same space as an enemy (or casting a ranged attack/spell), and the game runs calculations for the damage done and/or taken.

While older roguelikes were always turn-based, many roguelikes today are real-time, which means you must adjust your attacks and dodges on constantly moving enemies.

Newer roguelikes, with their real-time combat system and their enhanced graphics, are not considered pure roguelikes, with many claiming that the use of roguelike label for these games is wrong, and the term roguelike-like (or rogue-lite) is to be used.

But these games still capture the original feel of the roguelikes, and in a constantly evolving world, some things are bound to change eventually.

The roguelikes’ main selling point is their replayability; you can start a new game, and every time it’s going to be different than the previous. Many of the newer roguelikes (the “roguelites”) also hold many secrets. As you finish the levels more or complete specific tasks within a run, you can unlock more characters, items, weapons, and easter eggs.

In the list of the more popular roguelikes, I will not make the split between roguelikes and “roguelites”, as I really don’t believe they deserve a separate list:

  • Rogue
  • The Binding of Isaac & The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  • Mystery Dungeon Series (by Chunsoft)
  • FTL: Faster than Light

Sandbox RPG (or Open World RPG)

Sandbox (or Open World) RPGs are games that give you the freedom to do what you want in a huge explorable world. There is a main objective or plot to follow, but the world has unlimited secondary content, fully unrelated to the main one.

As a subgenre, it made its first appearances in the late 70s to early 80s, with many games trying to deliver a large, new open-world experience.

Though everyone can argue which game was the first “true” open-world game, none can argue that The Legend of Zelda, released in 1986, was what shaped future open-world games.

Following that, many open-world games were created, some of which are popular (as series) today, and the genre hasn’t shifted from its original games, only improved upon its existing strengths.

The open-world concept is used in a lot of the games released today, with games that aren’t even considered open-world RPGs, like Assassin’s Creed offering you to explore the world in which they are set.

As already mentioned, open-world RPGs have the main storyline (or objective) to follow but allow you to explore any of the areas of the map. By exploring, you can find new weapons, more equipment, more experience, or even just learn about the world you explore through its inhabitants.

Many NPCs will give you secondary quests for you to complete. Gameplay-wise, the game is like the other RPGs, with the usual “character progression through experience and skills” system.

Some of the popular Open-World RPGs include:

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
  • Minecraft
  • The Legend of Zelda Series
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Grand Theft Auto Series

Construction and Management Simulation

Construction and management simulation games are this list’s first strategy genre. You are tasked with constructing and managing something (depending on the subgenre). You are usually left with a minimal amount of resources at start, and one of your objectives could be to generate a passive income of said resources.

The gameplay doesn’t differ much between the subgenres; essentially, you are the leading figure in a given town, community, city, country, any form of the social management group.

You decide what are the best steps to strengthen your economy by trying to keep the group of people under supervision pleased. The goal is to reach a specific milestone before another group does (controlled by a different person or an AI).

The first of its subgenres is city-building games. Despite the name, you do not always manage a city ironically. What you manage as a leader is a set piece of land, where your goal is to make it grow.

You must decide which building will be built when and where, and what your people’s priorities and salaries are.

Of course, you do not do any of the building, you are the leader after all; why would you bother with handyman work?

The next subgenre is the theme park management. These games put you in charge of a theme park instead of a whole facility/society. You decide which ride will be built, how expensive their tickets are, and sometimes, other details like duration, height or whatever attribute a theme park ride can have…

The third subgenre is technically a subgenre of city-building games. I’m talking about the colony management games. Just like the city-building games, you manage the society and its constructions, these games, however, put an emphasis on construction and management.

As you are the leader of a colony, your main target is not profit. Instead, you must find ways for your colony to evolve technologically or culturally.

As colony management games focus more on construction and less on the economy, we have their opposites, the business games. Your goal is to become as financially strong as possible. This is done through stock buying and investments. There’s not much else to say about them really.

Government simulation games put you in the position of a leader of a country, and instead of deciding on salaries and building constructions, you decide on the laws of the country.

There really is no challenge with these games though; because you play government simulation, and the game must go on, there is nothing you can do to lose the game.

Finally, we have the sports simulation games, but I will go in-depth with them in the sports genre section. The list of popular construction and management games isn’t long at all, but the three that will be mentioned are known by most of the gaming world:

  • SimCity
  • Age of Empires
  • Tycoon Series:
    • RollerCoaster Tycoon (Theme Park Simulator)
    • Zoo Tycoon (City-building Simulator)
    • Transport Tycoon (Business Simulator)

Life Simulation

Life simulation games (aka artificial life games) are games where you control one or more lives. If you are controlling more than one lives, then that means that you control an ecosystem of sorts.

Life simulation games are simplistic by nature. You do not have a set goal other than just controlling the life of one or more creatures. Usually, you manage aspects such as the relationship department, or the social department.

A genre as simple as this originates from something far more complicated. In fact, life games were created from the results of extensive research on actual artificial life (hence the naming artificial life games).

Even though quite simple by nature, life simulator games have some “subgenres”, although they could better be considered types. The first of the types are digital pet games, where you take care of a virtual pet, without having to worry that it might die.

God games are also part of this type of game genre. In god games, you have control over several people as an omnipotent being who they worship, and you can do whatever you want, with action ranging from blessing them to smiting them.

Biological simulations are the bread and butter of the types of life simulation games. You are given control of some form of population (or a singular entity), and you must achieve things through time.

There are other options available in some games, like crossbreeding or mutations, and you can use such methods to your advantage.

Last, social simulators allow you to manage a group of people based on their social interactions and relationships. You don’t have targets and objectives like in biological simulations, you just make choices for your characters and observe how it affects their status quo.

These games are a little like adventure games, but unlike them, they don’t have a story to compel you.

Life simulation games are not to be taken seriously by a gamer looking to have fun, as they neither have action nor do they immerse you with a story. Even as strategic options, there are far better genres for this job.

But if you are a casual gamer looking to burn some time without needing to learn about complicated rules and movesets, and having a game you can easily put up and down any time of the day, then definitely check the following life simulation games out:

  • The Sims (Social Simulator)
  • Wolf (Biological Simulator)
  • Nintendogs (Digital Pet Simulator)

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Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle simulators are games for players that actually bother with vehicles in their real life. Of course, there is the racing simulation subgenre that is actually very fun even if you don’t know about vehicles, but we’ll get to that soon.

Vehicle simulators, like all previous simulator genres, are self-explanatory; they give you the experience of driving a specific vehicle. Oddly enough, this genre is popular even today.

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
Vehicle Simulators put you in the position of a driver of a vehicle.

The key element here is vehicle control. The challenge these games offer you are mastering the vehicle that the game is based on.

You must manage things like speed, acceleration, steering, handling, fuel, and other attributes.

Some games even have a multiplayer option, allowing you to test your skills against other players. Much like an MMORPG, you can usually customize the looks of your vehicle.

The genre is divided between “purist players” and “casuals”. Purists demand full realism from any given vehicle, while casuals don’t care at all. The purists are the kind of people that I mentioned above; interested in vehicles outside of the virtual world as well.

But most vehicle players are casuals, and that’s where racing shines. Casuals, as well as purists, enjoy the classic multiplayer challenge presented.

There are very few games that don’t include driving the vehicle, rather, you are the mechanic that repairs it or a gunner on one of the weapons. They too are considered vehicle simulators.

With many different vehicles existing, there are many different vehicle simulator subgenres, each tailoring to a specific kind of player.

The most basic are racing games, with boat and naval simulators, farming simulators, flight simulators, spacecraft simulators, tank and mech simulators, train simulators and truck simulators being more minor subgenres. And there is the small subgenre of vehicular combat games.

I will not dwell on the minor subgenres, as they are literally what their name implies, but I will note that flight simulators have two more subtypes, the civilian flight simulator, and the military flight simulator.

The first doesn’t have any objective, and is a simple emulation, the biggest challenge presented being bad weather conditions.

The second is being a pilot for military aircraft with missions like taking down the enemies’ base or aircraft.

Now about the racing games. Again, they have two types, but unlike the flight simulators, it doesn’t just change the purpose of the vehicle. The first subtype of racing games is the racing simulations, the second is the arcade racing game.

The racing simulations are based on real-world facts and events, such as the Formula races, or NASCAR. These games are heavily based on the real world, with things such as damage to your car when you crash, and prize money when you win to further upgrade your car.

This type of game adheres to the purist type of player I mentioned above, but many casuals enjoy it as well.

The second one is the gamer suited version of vehicles. In the arcade racing games, you race on settings and levels of a fantasy world, with many rules not obeying physics at all.

Many games have weapons to use to hinder your opponents, and I’m not talking about guns and rockets. There is a large variety of weapons in every different game, depending on the title.

In the end, whether you are a purist or a casual, the following list of popular games will have you covered:

  • Project CARS 2 (Racing Simulator)
  • GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game (Racing Simulator)
  • Mario Kart Series (Arcade Racing Game)
  • FlatOut Series (Vehicular Combat Game)


4X games are my personal favorite genre of games. Again, belonging to the strategy grand genre, 4X games are the epitome of strategic thinking and planning.

4X stands for the words eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate. These words show your objectives, as typically, in a 4X game, you control an empire of sorts. That does not mean that any game that puts you in control of an empire (or country) is a 4X game, in fact, they are renowned for their complexity.

4X games were influenced by various board games, much like action RPGs and roguelikes. Unlike them though, 4X games were influenced by strategic games requiring a lot of time and thought, instead of classical role-playing games like D&D.

Though some 4X games were released prior to 1991, they were mostly seen as simple strategy games and didn’t gather enough audience, partly due to marketing reasons. One notable release was Armada 2525, which was the father of 4X games, but due to the financial problems the company that released had, it did not get the deserving attention.

Everything began in 1991, with the man known to every 4X player, and most of the gaming world as well; Sid Meier. His influence on 4X games was crucial, and without him, 4X games might not have even been a thing today.

The game that started it all was Sid Meier’s: Civilization. Having been influenced by a lot of strategy games, Civilization was the first strategy game to put an emphasis on technology and diplomacy, as well as the militaristic power of an empire.

It also introduced another way of winning, rather than simply conquering all; you could win if you were technologically advanced enough to be the first civilization to reach the Alpha Centauri System.

This system of multiple ways to win continued to develop through newer releases of the Civilization series, with today having 5 different ways to win, and therefore to play the game.

4X games developed after the release of Civilization tried to emulate some of its designs, and that is why you will see some similarities between all 4X games. 4X games typically have some form of research and technological advancement.

Though many non 4X games have research and advancement trees, 4X games tend to have much more options, and more diverse paths, as the technological race is intended to last for the entirety of the game session.

Peaceful competition is another of the design commons among 4X games. This is the option to win by never being aggressive with any enemy, and never needing to attack them or hinder the (except maybe with espionage).

Another thing in common in 4X games is the choice between multiple factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Due to the similarities mentioned, and the turn-based nature of the games, a typical game session tends to last for lots of hours.

4X games have a fanatic audience that adores the strategic part of the game, which results in 4X games being released every year or so, or at the very least, new features for existing 4X games. If the thought of 4X games entices you, I suggest the following games to get you started:

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
Freeciv, a free 4X game, and a very good introduction to the genre.
  • Sid Meier’s: Civilization Series (Most notably 4 (IV) and 6 (VI))
  • Master of Orion Series
  • Freeciv (a free 4X games if you want an introduction without paying)
  • Galactic Civilizations III

Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

When websites speak generally about strategy games, or if a casual player that does not understand the differences between different genres and subgenres tries to mention strategy games, they almost always refer to the real-time strategy genre of games. Real-time refers to the continuous nature of the games, where, you don’t have a turn to think about your next plan or move.

Real-time strategy games are the most popular of the strategy game genre. The experts will argue about which was the first RTS released, and to further complicate things, RTS themselves were developed separately in North America, United Kingdom and Japan.

The releases did have some common themes that helped define real-time strategy games, but the genre unified with the release of Herzog Zwei by Sega and Genesis in 1989.

Herzog Zwei helped the genre by creating staples for a real-time strategy game to have, such as unit construction and resource management. Alas, Herzog Zwei was an arcade game, and the genre still had way before being compact. Dune II, released in 1992, along with Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, are what fully led the RTS genre to what we know today.

Dune II was heavily inspired by Herzog Zwei but had the advantage of utilizing a mouse and a keyboard. Thus, the unit and building control became more solid and allowed the game to have more options. Following the success of Dune II, Blizzard decided to invest in the newly created genre by releasing the first Warcraft game, just two years after Dune II.

The game was a huge success, not just because of the genre in general, but for its story and setting, as well as other things such as the ability to build farms giving the player a feeling of full society, instead of just a military setting.

Ever since, newer releases just expanded on existing elements of the genre, instead of innovating. Through the advancement of technology and the refinement of the genre, we got what we have today.

Real-time strategy games today as regarded as the highest form of competitive strategy games, due to the continuous thinking and micromanagement required.

Gameplay for real-time strategy games is simple at its core, despite the difficulty of the game itself. You have a base and some units, and you must utilize them, along with the limited starting resources you have, in order to expand and grow your town. At the same time, the enemy has a similar start on the other end of the map (usually), thus starting a race of who can be the first to topple the other. Sometimes there are different factions with their own strengths and weaknesses, for example, a faction might have very expensive and strong units or very cheap but weak units. The first must play a slow build-up game to dominate the enemy late, and the second must rely on swarming of its units early to be successful. Micro and macromanagement is also a core element of any RTS.

Micromanaging refers to the control of small scale and easily noticeable things, such as your units, your buildings, your resources.

Macromanagement refers to how you can use those small actions for a grander scheme in the game, for example, how a future building you build will affect the map layout in future battles.

A small, and not nearly as successful subgenre of the RTS games are the real-time tactics games (RTT for short). These games forego the building and economy management of traditional RTS games by instead focusing on a single unit or group of units for you to manage, and on the tactics required for you to win.

Its relatively lower popularity is due to its design; they decided on foregoing elements the made the genre successful, to begin with. Of course, that does not mean they are not fun.

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
Starcraft II; one of the most competitive games in the world.

If you want to play real-time strategy games competitively, there is only one option for you, if you want to have fun, the second series of games is solely created as single player and should be enjoyed as one:

  • Starcraft 2 (the competitive choice)
  • Warcraft Series (bar World of Warcraft, as it is an MMORPG)
  • Starcraft: Remastered (the original Starcraft with updated graphics)

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

One of the most popular game genres and one of the newest ones as well, multiplayer online battle arena games (or MOBAs for short) are the epitomai of competitive gaming. Every PC gamer has heard of the game League of Legends (LoL).

MOBAs could be considered by some as a subgenre of the real-time strategy games, but the truth is, the only thing in common with the two is the real-time combat they are based on. Truth be told though, MOBAs originated thanks to the real-time strategy classic: Starcraft.

Starcraft gave players their own game editing based on the game’s engine. A user named Aeon64 created a custom map called Aeon of Strife (AoS), in which you assumed control of a powerful character, and then on to one of three different lanes in order to battle with opposing players. This is the core design of a MOBA, but it still had room for development, as it didn’t have much to do other than going to a lane and fighting.

A few years later, again through modding in a Blizzard game, more specifically Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, and later its sequel Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, a user named Eul created a map called Defense of the Ancients (DotA). This map was inspired by AoS.

Likewise, you had control of a character that was growing more powerful, and you went to one of three different lanes to do battle with opposing players. But in DotA, you also had help from smaller, weaker, AI-controlled units (called creeps), and each team had a base with powerful buildings called towers to protect it.

DotA became a massive success within the Warcraft 3 community, and through changes (both in modders working on it and gameplay-wise), it reached its peak form: DotA: Allstars. One of the first modders of DotA worked along with other programmers on a new game based on DotA called League of Legends. Valve also hired the creator of DotA: Allstars in order to work on a standalone DotA title that won’t be based on another game engine.

Newly founded Riot Games released League of Legends in 2009, and Valve released DotA 2 in 2013. These two games became the most-watched professional e-sport in the world and the highest cash reward giving e-sport in the world respectively.

Blizzard then decided that enough is enough and that they couldn’t be out of an extremely popular genre that was created thanks to them. So, they released Heroes of the Storm (HotS) in 2015, with characters from all their titles as competing heroes.

In fact, Blizzard completely disregarded gold gain and item acquisition that MOBAs had and relied on for gameplay balance purposes, instead of focusing more on hero brawling and action. The results are left up to debate between players.

Personally, I enjoy both ways, but I like Blizzard’s version a bit more as it is more teamwork-oriented. Oh, and sometime in 2014, Smite was released, which gave MOBAs a fresh third-person perspective.

I already listed the most popular MOBAs through their history (besides Smite which was just an honorable mention), but in case you were too bored to read (tl;dr):

  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • DotA 2
  • Heroes of the Storm (HotS)
  • Smite

Tower Defense

One of the simpler genres of the list, tower defense games are liked for their simplicity, and the challenge they present you.

21 + 1 Video Game Genres
One of the first Tower Defense games.

Tower defense as a concept began with the very popular arcade game Space Invaders where you had to protect yourself and your territory from hordes of enemies. Through the years, and with many, many games, the concept further evolved.

At first, instead of controlling the unit that defends and its attacks, you were instead placing it somewhere along the paths. Then you could choose different ways to defend. A precursor game introduced automatic attacking of towers, being able to repair your base, upgrading the defenses, and more importantly, different (and harder) types of enemies.

Gameplay-wise, you begin with a small amount of currency, and you must use it to decide which towers to place and where depending on the map. Each defeated enemy gives you more of the currency to buy more towers, or to upgrade existing ones.

Towers have different effects, further augmented by their upgrades, and you can use a variety of different strategies to win. Enemies become progressively harder and with more powers and/or resistances. There is often a free play mode, where there is no set number of rounds, the game just keeps going.

With the use of Flash Adobe, as well as the mobile gaming bang in the late 2000s, tower defense games became very popular for their easy-to-pick-up nature. Since then, two popular series have been created and maintained to this day (and they’re from the same company!).

These will make up the list because the rest are easy to find and aren’t worth it if you’re looking for a recent game or one that will get more features and updates in the future. The list:

  • Bloons Tower Defense Series (the latest is Btd6, the most popular Btd4)
  • Plants vs Zombies Series


Wargames are what they imply; games about war, and the tactics on how to win them.

Wargames are not that popular as a genre, but they gain a spot on the list for their very popular subgenre: grand strategy games. Grand strategy games are much like 4X games; they require a lot of strategic planning and thinking. But unlike them, you only win through warfare.

Every action you take to advance your economy, culture, or technology, is done with the intent of destroying the enemy through sheer domination.

Grand strategy games might have other parts for you to work on (such as prestige and culture) but they are for score purposes only (or for civil order and to avoid rebellions), you cannot survive long without strong military power.

Most are turn-based, but the Total War series is a mixture of turn-based actions and real-time combat; you control your empire and movement of armies taking turns but fight in real-time.

The gameplay is very similar to 4X games. You must manage your economy, your civil order, and your army, to achieve the best possible result, the only difference is, the only option is to destroy or be destroyed.

Generally, grand strategy games are preferred by those who like a good strategy game but don’t want to overcomplicate things more than they should, as grand strategy games only allow you to focus on how to topple your opponent’s forces.

Still, they are very popular, and even though I prefer 4X games myself; I still play grand strategy games just as much. The more popular strategy games you can play are:

  • Europa Universalis Series
  • Total War Series (except Total War: Arena)
  • Crusader Kings II


Another of the earliest genres known to game, sports games are not just what they imply. For example, did you know that one of the first sports game ever was… Pong (I dare you to find a more fitting genre for Pong if you can! Unless you don’t know what Pong is, in which case, what exactly are you doing in a gaming article anyway?). Besides, who hasn’t seen Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, or some old basketball game with pixel-art graphics.

Sports games are video games that express any real-world sport in some way or in some form. Depending on the rules of each sport of which the game you’re playing, you just gotta do what every person playing a sport wants: win.

Really, there’s not much I can say about history; sports games just developed in graphics and controls. I mean, look at the FIFA series, there’s not much to improve on a game that’s based on an already predetermined set of rules. Some arcade games that are based on athletic events have their own twists, but the main concept is the same.

There are also sports management games, where you focus on the tactical side of things. These games require more strategy and planning, as you must decide which players you want on your team, how to utilize them, how to keep them happy, what to do when they’re injured etc.

Sports games are a somehow closed-off genre, because, despite its popularity, most players playing a sports game, have some exposure to said sport to get into a game about it. Or they just want to kill time. (Pong!)

The list of popular games will have mostly football (soccer for the Americans out there) and basketball games because they are the most popular sports in the real world as well:

  • FIFA Series / Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) Series
  • Football Manager Series
  • NBA Live Series
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Series
  • Pong
21 + 1 Video Game Genres


Idle games might not have a spot in most game genre lists, but the few that like them aren’t represented enough. And so, as a fan of these games, I will do my best to represent them honorably.

Firstly, I’ll address the gameplay: The game begins with you having nothing and requiring performing 1 simple action. Then you gain something for that action. After performing that action a few more times, you can purchase something, that will help you generate more… of that something, either by rewarding your actions more, or passively. By purchasing enough passive income you just leave the game running on its own, and return literally whenever to make more purchases.

The question I’m usually asked when talking about such games with friends is the classic “But what’s fun about a game where you have to do nothing in the end?”

When a person plays a game, their target is to have fun and to do that, the player must achieve things in any given game. Well, idle games give you this small pleasure with absolutely minimal time investment.

An idle game is played because every person will be at a phase where they can’t invest time in a game of the other genres, but he has about 20 or so minutes to kill. Idle games give you the option.

But also, most gamers, being gamers, have an innate insatiable curiosity, and when they actually begin an idle game, they want to see how far they can get. Realm Grinder in specific has hundreds of achievements and things to unlock, and different factions, with different ways to earn money.

Now I don’t expect anyone who doesn’t play such games agreeing with me on the spot and playing idle games gleefully for the rest of their lives. But, if you really don’t play these games, I plead with you to try them out for just a measly 10-15 minutes.

Trust me, that’s how I began snowballing into checking my idle game every 10 minutes. Just do it for as much as 15 minutes. I will suggest two games in case you decide to hear me out; both games have support today:

  • Realm Grinder
  • Clicker Heroes (There is also Clicker Heroes 2 in Early Access)

EDIT: Idle games seem to be more popular on mobiles these days as many idle game/realm management hybrids make their way to our screens. I still suggest you try the original ones I mentioned, and continue with these new games afterwards.

So, this was the list of the genres of games you can play. Again, if you feel that I left any genre out of this list just tell me so in the comments, and I will either explain to you why what you ask isn’t on the list, or you can convince me to put it in the list. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, and I will answer as soon as I see them.

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Recommended Anime to Watch

Recommended Anime to Watch

Hi guys! This will be an article for those of you that like anime. I will write a list of anime that I wholeheartedly recommend you watch. So, let’s start.

1. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is the king of anime. All modern anime are influenced by DBZ. If you only want to watch one anime off this list, then you should watch DBZ.

This anime is for me, and many others, the best anime ever created. I suggest you start with Dragon Ball which is a prequel to Dragon Ball Z. It is not as popular as Dragon Ball Z, but it is still very good.

I personally watched Dragon Ball Z first and then watched Dragon Ball but if I could do it all over, I would watch Dragon Ball first because you learn the backstory of the characters in Dragon Ball Z and you can enjoy it more that way.

2. Bleach

This anime has the best animation out of all the anime in this list except maybe HunterxHunter (because it came out in 2011).

The action sequences are top-notch and entertaining. If you like sword fights, then this is the anime for you.

One problem that Bleach has is the number of filler episodes. Trust me they are a lot. Some filler episodes are good, others are bad, but if you get past that then this anime is truly amazing.

3. Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and it is so for a good reason. The story of Naruto Uzumaki who wants to be the Hokage (leader of his village) is a story that will truly make you shed a few tears. It is a story that will teach you to never give up no matter how hard things get.

The action in this series is amazing and well thought. You will not be disappointed watching this series. One negative is that there are a lot of filler episodes.

4. HunterxHunter

HunterxHunter doesn’t have as many episodes as the rest of the anime in this list but it doesn’t have any filler (except 2-3 episodes if I remember correctly but these episodes are recaps).

The world of HunterxHunter is big and intricate. The story arcs are deep, and they will make you keep watching episode after episode.

The start of the anime is a little slow but after a few episodes, you will be thrilled.

If you don’t want to watch a series with over 300 episodes, then this is an excellent pick.

5. One Piece

What can I say about One Piece; many call it a masterpiece. In my opinion, One Piece is one of the greatest anime ever created.

The world of One Piece is detailed and engaging. The story of each character is deep and enjoyable to watch.

Of course, there are filler episodes since the manga is still running.

I got hooked with One Piece from the first episode. Trust me when I say, it’s worth a shot.

6. Code Geass

Code Geass is one of the best anime out there. It has deep story and amazing characters.

It starts a little slow but in episode 11-12 the story starts to blast off. The anime has 2 seasons and a lot of movies.

I whole heartily recommend this anime, a must-watch for any anime fan.

7. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate has one of the most interesting themes I have come across to in an anime.

The anime’s story revolves around time travel. It has two seasons, a movie and some specials.

You shouldn’t miss this anime. It starts a little slow like Code Geass but the wait is paid off.

8. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

An anime about two brothers that try to get their bodies back that they lost after trying to resurrect their dead mother.

It’s one of the best anime I have watched and it’s truly unforgettable. It has 64 episodes and a movie.

There is also another Full Metal Alchemist anime that came before this but, after a certain episode, it goes on another direction from the manga.

I also recommend that you watch that anime too.

9. My Hero Academia

This anime has three seasons and a fourth one is coming. It’s one of the most popular anime and has very interesting characters.

The story revolves around a boy that wants to be the greatest hero in the world. It’s one of those anime that the protagonist goes from zero to hero.

10. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has three seasons and a fourth is coming soon. The story revolves around a boy that wants to free humanity from Titans.

The anime is exciting and mysterious since there are a lot of questions that must be answered, and they will be answered as the anime progresses.

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11. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul has four seasons. This anime won’t be for all audiences since the story revolves around a boy that becomes a Ghoul.

A Ghoul eats human flesh to survive and can’t survive on any other food. As you can guess this isn’t something that younger audiences should watch.

I still recommend this anime for mature people since its story is amazing and it deals with many psychological issues.

12. Akame ga Kill

This anime is also an anime that I recommend for the more mature audiences since it’s very dark.

It goes full game of thrones in the anime since no one, and I mean no one is safe from death.

It has some graphical scenes and they aren’t for everyone to see.

The anime has one season.

13. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime about a virtual reality video game where its creator traps all the players inside and if they die in the game they die in real life as well. The only way to escape the game is if they beat the game.

Sword Art Online has three seasons.

14. Death Note

Death Note is an anime that focuses on a high school boy that finds a notebook that kills the person whose name is written on it. The boy is a genius and plans to try and kill all the criminals in the world using the Death Note.

You know what they say about power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The anime has 37 episodes and it’s a must-watch.

15. One Outs

It’s an anime about baseball and the protagonist is a genius gambler that joins a baseball team and tries to win the championship.

This is one of the most fun and entertaining anime you will ever watch.

Trust me on this. You will love this anime and when it’s over you will want more.

16. No Game No Life

No Game No Life revolves around a brother and sister that are gamers and are transported to a world where everything is resolved through games.

The anime is entertaining. The only problem is that it only has 12 episodes.

17. Ultraman (2019 Netflix)

This is an anime I watched recently, and I recommend that you should also watch.

It has 13 episodes and it is revolving around the son of the original Ultraman.

The fights are amazing, and you will have a great time watching this anime. I binge-watched it in a few hours, and I wanted more when it ended.

18. One Punch Man

This is an anime about a hero that beats criminals and monsters using just one punch. The problem is that most people think he is weak and a fraud.

This anime is incredibly fun, and the fights are awesome.

It has one season and a second one is coming soon.

19. Fate/Zero and all Fate anime like Fate/Stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

All the Fate anime are amazing. They have amazing fights where heroes of legends fight each other for the Holy Grail, an artifact that can grant any wish.

These anime are a must-watch. There are many seasons of these anime and it will take some time to watch them all.

20. Haikyu!!

The anime follows two boys whose dream is to make their high school volleyball team the best in Japan. Their rivalry makes the anime very entertaining and I recommend this to those who love sports.

It has three seasons and a fourth is coming.

So, guys, that’s it for this article. I hope you liked it. Write in the comments below if there is an anime that you think should be on the list. See ya at the next one.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands PC Review

Ghost Recon Wildlands PC Review

I know that the game was released on 7 March 2017, but I don’t see many recent reviews about the current state of the game so I thought I should write one.

I will split this review into four parts. Firstly I will talk about the storyline, then about the gameplay, afterward, I will talk about the visuals and finally, I will tell you my personal thoughts and give you a rating for the game from 0-10 (10 being the best).

Ghost Recon Wildlands PC Review


It will take you about 25 hours to complete the story and see the ending cinematic but if you complete the story 100%, you will see an alternative ending.

It will take you about 50 hours to complete the story 100%, so the game has a lot of content if you’re wondering about that.


When I played the first mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands, I was amazed by how good the game mechanics were. I really liked Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain and Ghost Recon Wildlands reminded me of that game a lot.

Before I go into any details about gameplay, I should mention that, as you do objectives and missions in the game, you gain experience, and with that experience, you can unlock new abilities or make your current abilities stronger. Now let’s start:

The game most of the time allows you to approach a mission however you want. You can go in guns blazing, or you can hide and use a drone to spot enemies around you and have their locations constantly shown after you spot them.

Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to go in guns blazing, for example, you will probably end the mission faster but there is a higher risk that you will die.

It depends on the difficulty level you have set and how good you are at the game. It’s a high risk/high reward kind of situation.

I didn’t use this approach when I started the game because I hadn’t unlocked many abilities that help you survive more, so I chose the stealthy approach.

This approach takes more time, but it is safer and more realistic. It makes you feel like a ghost that goes in a base and kills everyone, without them even realizing what happened.

Although it should be noted that going stealthy is kind of hard, because depending on your gun stats and how effective the gun’s silencer is, enemies might hear you when you shoot, the alarm will go off, and all hell will break loose.

This has happened many times to me, and it’s not pleasant. The alarm will also trigger if the enemies find a dead body and again, all hell will break loose.

At this point, I should also mention that you have 3 AI players as your teammates that will help you finish your missions. The AI of your teammates in this game is decent, nothing too special.

There is an ability that you have that is called Sync Shot where you can mark enemies and order your team to kill them. It’s a very useful ability when you solo.

In my opinion, playing this game solo becomes boring fast. The most fun I’ve had with this game is when I played with other players.

It may take you some time to find people that are decent enough and play seriously, but when you do, the game becomes hundreds of times more fun. I personally found some good and serious players and we had a lot of fun together.

The vehicle control in the game isn’t bad but it’s not good either. Don’t expect GTA-like vehicle control. The only vehicles that feel somehow good are the helicopters and the motorcycles.

There are also a lot of side missions and objectives on the map that you can do to get experience and unlock more abilities.

This game also has a variety of weapons for you to choose from and all the weapons are customizable to fit your playstyle.

At some point, you will have more weapons than you’ll ever need. I personally have only used 5-6 weapons while playing. Some weapons can be unlocked only as a reward when you finish a story mission and some other weapons can be found at certain locations on the map.

To unlock the locations of weapons in the map you must find intel either by interrogating some person or by hacking computers and taking pictures of documents. You will understand better when you play the game.

The missions in the game are fun but they do get repetitive. You will find yourself doing the same kind of mission many times.

When you reach level 30 you can unlock tier mode. You begin from tier 50 and you can level up, up to tier 1. Tier mode makes the game more difficult and allows you to make your weapons stronger by upgrading their damage output. To level up tiers in the game, you should replay missions or do the side missions on the map.

I am personally tier 40, and I didn’t really play that much after I 100% completed the story. I just find it boring doing the same missions over and over just to level up tiers.

There are two other modes in the game, the Ghost War and the Ghost Mode.

Ghost War is a PvP mode that was added in the game a few months after its release. In this mode, you can play against other players in the game either Ranked or Casual games. There are many classes in this mode and each class has unique abilities.

I won’t analyze it further because it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. I played a few games in this mode but I didn’t find it any fun. I wouldn’t recommend this game if you are looking for a good PvP shooter. This game is a PvE shooter mostly.

The Ghost Mode is the same as the campaign but with one difference. If you die once you lose all your progress and you must make a new character and start over.

I don’t particularly enjoy Ghost Mode because the game has some bugs that can make your life a living hell in Ghost Mode. For example, you may get stuck between rocks when you try to escape from an enemy base when the alarm goes off and if you’re stuck there you can’t escape, so you’re basically dead.

Also, when the alarm in a base goes off the enemies might spawn behind you and kill you instantly. This is a huge problem even in the normal campaign and it’s still unfixed.

Moreover, in Ghost mode, it isn’t such a good idea to use motorcycles cause if you hit a rock or a tree you might die instantly, and your AI team might not be able to revive you depending on where you land.

You should also watch when you cross the road as a car might hit you and kill you, and it’s not a good idea to use helicopters either because there are missiles on some bases that target helicopters and they will kill you instantly if you don’t dodge them.

So, to sum it all up, for me Ghost Mode is not fun because it makes you focus on stuff that doesn’t really matter to me. Of course, this is my opinion, and many of you may disagree.


The graphics in this game are absolutely astounding. This game has gorgeous scenery. Bolivia looks amazing and realistic. Some locations on the map look stunning at certain times of the day (this game has day-night cycles).

You can also customize your character with the clothes and accessories that you want. There aren’t as many options as I would have liked, but there are a lot.

I haven’t seen many games with these levels of graphics, so if you are one of those people that love amazing graphics in games then you should check this game out.

The cutscenes in the game look amazing like the rest of the world and the voice actors are very good.

I don’t have much to say in this section because a game with this level of graphical detail leaves you speechless.

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Final Thoughts

The game, for me, has a solid campaign and its fun while you complete it but after you complete everything in the campaign there is no reason to play it. PvP is ok but nothing special.

If you pick this game for the PvP you will be disappointed.

Ghost mode is very good for those that want to be careful in every step they make in the game because one wrong step and you are dead, and you must start all over again (as I said I don’t like it).

If you want a game to spend 50 plus hours doing the campaign this is a good game, but I wouldn’t recommend you pay full price. Wait for the sale (don’t give more than 20 euros for this game) and the gold edition isn’t worth it, at least for me.

I bought the Gold Edition and I regret it. I purchased the game on sale and it was just 8 euros more, but it still wasn’t worth it.

Final Verdict

Storyline: 8.3

Gameplay: 7.9

Visuals: 9.5

General Rating: 8.5

That’s it for my review. I hope you liked my review. If you want to add something or ask something write in the comments below. See ya in the next article.

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7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

The Division 2 – March 15

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

I guess most people that read this article know about the Division and how it started as a game, with a lot of bugs and problems, but with time and effort from the developers, who never gave up on the game, it became a solid game for anyone to buy.

Now Ubisoft brings us the anticipated sequel to that game and the developers of the game (Massive Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment and more) promise that they have learned from their past mistakes. Now, a lot of people will still be skeptical about that, but I think that you should still check out the game.

Wait a few weeks or months and see if they delivered their promise in this anticipated sequel.

Anthem – February 22

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

Anthem is another Triple-A game that is highly anticipated and that is similar to Destiny and it shows a lot of promise.

Bioware has a good name in the gaming world but gamers are worried about microtransactions that may exist in the game. Microtransactions are a huge problem for the gaming community and can make a good game seem bad just because they exist.

Let’s hope EA and Bioware bring us a true gaming experience that isn’t full of microtransactions and money-grabbing tactics.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – March 22

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

FromSoftware is very popular thanks to games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

FromSoftware’s games are praised for being difficult with great fighting mechanics. Gamers have high expectations from this game and based on the company’s history they probably won’t be disappointed.

If you want a challenging game with good fighting mechanics and graphics, then watch out for this one.

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Devil May Cry 5 – March 8

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

Devil May Cry is a very popular franchise with many fans.

What many fans love about Devil May Cry is its difficulty and hopefully, now that it has returned to Capcom, fans will get what they were expecting for a long time.

One way or another Devil May Cry 5 is one of the games you have to look out for in 2019.

Jump Force – February 15

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

Fans of anime can’t miss this game.

Jump Force has a roster that consists of characters from many Shonen Jump popular series like Dbz, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, HunterxHunter and many more.

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, it promises realistic looking graphics.

If you love fighting games and anime this is the game for you.

Crackdown 3 – February 15

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

Crackdown 3 is another highly anticipated game of 2019. Xbox One really needs this to catch up to PS4 since this game will only be released in Xbox One and PC.

There really aren’t a lot of things we know about Crackdown 3 since we don’t have actual gameplay footage yet.

If you like shooter games and destruction, then this is a game you should keep an eye on.

Dying Light 2 – 2019

7 Anticipated Video Games For 2019

This one is for those that love horror games.

The story takes place 15 years after the first installment.

Dying Light 2 has amazing graphics, a solid story, and based on the trailers, good gameplay. It also has more RPG elements than the first installment, and that’s something that will surely bring more people in the community.

If you are a fan of zombie games and RPG games then this is a game that you should check out.

I hope that you liked my list. What other games are you looking forward to play in 2019? Write a comment down below and tell me.

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Here are the links for the images I used:

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Gaming Laptops – When To Buy Them

Gaming Laptops – When To Buy Them

Gaming laptops are very popular nowadays. Many people prefer gaming laptops from gaming desktops because they give them more freedom, as they don’t force them to stay at home like gaming desktops.

In this article I will tell you my thoughts about gaming laptops and why should you prefer them over gaming desktops.

Price for Value

Everyone knows that gaming laptops cost more than gaming desktops even if they have the same hardware. The reason for this is that it’s harder to make the hardware small enough to fit a laptop.

Most of the time gaming laptops cost at least 500$ more than a gaming desktop with the same specifications, so from a price perspective getting a gaming laptop isn’t the smarter move.

Of course, how much of a deterrent the price is, depends on the person because for some people money really isn’t an issue, and they can spend over 2000$ for a gaming rig without even thinking twice about it.


This time gaming laptops beat gaming desktops without breaking a sweat.

Gaming laptops can go anywhere and they don’t need a constant connection with a power source, compared to a gaming desktop, which can’t go anywhere.

Being able to play games anywhere you want is a huge benefit and can give a lot of incentive for someone to buy a gaming laptop. A lot of people want to be able to play games with their friends next to them. Communicating with voice chat just isn’t the same as playing with your friend right next to you. It makes gaming a lot more fun and it becomes a social activity.

People that often move from place to place should really think about buying a gaming laptop more seriously.


Gaming desktops win here too. They outperform gaming laptops for many reasons.

Firstly, making coolers smaller isn’t good for the CPUs and GPUs. CPUs and GPUs run hot when playing a game and cramping them into a small place like a gaming laptop increases the temperature even more and that leads to lower performance compared to a gaming desktop where there is a lot more space and the coolers are bigger and more efficient.

That doesn’t mean that gaming laptops are necessarily bad. They just aren’t as good as a gaming desktop.

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Gaming laptops win once more. In the performance section, I talked about gaming laptops and their disadvantages on performance because they have to cramp everything into a small space.

This is also advantageous because it helps in limiting the amount of space a gaming rig needs. Gaming laptops take very little space and can be moved from place to place without much trouble.

Gaming desktops on the other hand are hard to move because they need a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse to function, so moving them is a lot of trouble.


Gaming desktops snatch the win again. Being able to change anything you want in your gaming rig is a huge benefit.

You can upgrade a GPU or CPU without having to buy a completely new gaming system. Also, you can add more RAM and/or ROM if you need to, because as games evolve, they demand a better RAM to run the game and a larger ROM(to store the game files).

Gaming laptops on the other hand don’t have that customizability. Maybe you could add a slightly better RAM, but you can’t hope for much more than that. That means that they will become obsolete much faster than a gaming desktop.

Buying a gaming laptop is like buying a gaming console. You get a gaming system that can’t be upgraded and in about 4-5 years you will need to buy a new gaming system in order to keep up with the specifications that new games need as they evolve.

Final Thoughts

In the end, both gaming laptops and gaming desktops have their advantages and disadvantages and it usually boils down to personal preference.

Personally, I prefer a gaming desktop, but, if I could afford it, I would buy a gaming laptop too. If I had to choose one of the two, then I would choose a gaming desktop, just because I want higher graphics and performance in general, and I personally think it’s more important than portability or utility.

Someone else may think that sacrificing a little performance is worth it in exchange for utility and portability since he will be able to play with his friends in the same house and carry his gaming laptop anywhere he goes.

Someone else might think that customizability is the most important thing and prefer gaming desktops because of that.

Anyway, I believe I dragged this long enough. I hope I helped you decide what’s best for you, gaming laptop or gaming desktop. Let me know in the comments below what is your personal opinion. Whatever you decide, I wish you happy gaming!

I hope my article helped you decide between a laptop and a desktop. I want you to tell me in the comments below what do you prefer, laptop or desktop. See ya in the next article.

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